11 Ways To Make Sure Your Dorm Room Actually Stays Organized This Year

If you are going to college this year, chances are good that the term “fresh start” has entered your consciousness at some point or another. You know, like, you have managed to convince yourself that this is the year you’re going to get all A’s, get in the perfect, friend group, and, of course, keep your room organized the whole year.

Now, I don’t want to tell you that you aren’t going to accomplish any of these things. But keeping a dorm room organized, as you will soon learn, is something that is easier said than done. I mean, keeping any kind of living space organized is tough, so, when you throw a dorm room into the mix–which is the place where you will be sleeping, eating, and studying, not to mention sharing with another human person–you can bet that it gets a lot more complicated. But it can be done! So, check out these easy ways to make sure that your dorm room actually gets organized–and stays organized–this year:

1. Utilize the space under your bed by using risers:
This way, you can stick containers filled with off-season clothes you aren’t wearing now, but will probably need before you go home.
2. Use a separate airtight container for your food:
Even if it’s stuff that won’t exactly spoil, you’ll still want to keep it all in a separate, airtight container to keep crumbs from spilling out and attracting bugs.


3. If you lift your bed, get lifts that have a USB outlet:


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Outlet space, you will soon learn, is a hot commodity. Having a bunch of them will help prevent cord confusion.


4. Decorate your cords to keep them straight:

washi tape iPhone chargers match


This way, you won’t have to scramble to get your chargers for each device and accidentally grab the wrong one.


5. Keep your desk clear of clutter by setting up solid organization files:



If you set them up now, you’ll have a place to put the miscellaneous papers you’re going to collect throughout the year, rather than spreading them all over your desk or letting them crumple up and disintegrate in your backpack.


6. Use Mason jars to organize your desk accouterments:



You know, pencils, pens, scissors, etc. Keeping them out in the open will save you the trouble of having to root through your bag or desk to grab a pen, but they also won’t clutter up your desk.


7. Keep a white board or bulletin board above your desk to keep your goals in mind:



If all of your tasks are written out where you can see them, they’ll be harder to forget. Plus, it might help you feel more inspired to keep your working area clear of clutter. (Also, setting up a killer color scheme like the one above isn’t necessary, but it can never hurt.)


8. Know how to fold your clothes to maximize your space:



You’ll want all the space you can get! Developing a habit of folding your clothes a certain way will help ensure that you save space the whole year. (And maybe your whole life.)


9. Keep any academic charts you might need above your desk:




This is nice because you don’t have to go out of your way to look certain things up, which, in turn, will probably help you focus. (Having the word “focus written out above your desk probably can’t hurt, too.)


10. Organize around your minifridge:



Getting a tall shelf like the one above can be super helpful for keeping all of your snacky stuff straight.


11. Utilize your doors:



Your door is shelf space, basically. You just need to hang an over-door shelf on it to utilize it. IT can be especially useful to put your bathing stuff there so you can grab it as you head out to the shower.



Are you living in a dorm this year? Do you have any tips for keeping it organized? Let us know in the comments!

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