15 Mistakes You’ll Make In Your First Week Of High School

Sorry guys, but I’m going to bring it up, too. The first week of high school is nigh. Before you spend all of your waking hours at the beach and scarfing down ice cream, get ahead of the game with a bit of school prep. I know you don’t want to do it, but I’m not telling you to start studying. I’m encouraging you to fill your brain with a bit of info that will help you avoid making some mistakes during your first week.

First impressions are crucial and so is being prepared. I know it can be pretty tempting to bury your head in the sand at the beach and think that anything you need to know about high school can wait until the first day of school. It’s a tempting thought, but it’s not the best. Knowing just a few facts about the first day, week, and even year will help you big time. Now that I have your attention, check out 15 common mistakes people make their first week of high school.

1. Assuming that the uniform dress code isn’t in effect.



If you go to a school where it’s required to wear uniforms, don’t assume that the first week of school “doesn’t count.” The first day might be an exception, or you might be expected to show up in that white blouse and itchy plaid skirt from day one. Every school is different so make sure you know where your school stands.


2. Leaving your student card at home.



Annoyed that you have another useless card? Don’t toss that student card or leave it at home. And that includes your temporary one. The card is often required for a lot of things from signing up for clubs and sports teams to checking books out of the library. And you’re definitely going to have to do the latter at some point.


3. Forgetting running shoes for gym class.



It seems obvious, but it’s such an easy one to do. You get so hung up on finding a cute pair of flats to wear that you completely forget about appropriate gym shoes. You remembered your shorts and T-shirt but for some reason, you didn’t think about footwear. It happens.


4. Thinking all of the caf food is good.



Are you cheering with joy that your high school has a caf so you don’t have to ever pack a lunch? The caf can be great, but sometimes not all the food items are. If you want to play it safe, look at what other students are getting. And avoid anything that you can’t identify without reading a label. Trust.


5. Not bringing a lock for your locker.



Want to look all prepared and not like you’re some clueless freshman? Bring a lock for your locker on the first day. A lot of schools don’t have permanent locks on the lockers which means it’s up to you to supply your own. And you don’t want to put your stuff in your locker without a lock. You also don’t want to have to lug everything around, either.


6. Buying a “backpack” that doesn’t hold one textbook.



I’m sorry, but that cute mini bag you bought for high school isn’t going to cut it. At the very least, you need a bag that will fit two of your textbooks and a binder. Otherwise, you’re going to be carrying them in your arms or you’re going to be carrying another bag. There will be a lot of days when you will need all of those textbooks for homework.


7. Not knowing the rotation schedule. 



Obviously knowing where to be at what time is critical. The first day or first week of school might also operate of a special schedule to help incoming students adjust so make sure you’re 100 clear on what is happening each day. If you don’t know, ask. It’s much better than walking into your chemistry class when you’re supposed to have gone to gym.


8. Forgetting your homeroom.



Homeroom is a random thing that seems like a major waste of time. No matter what you think of those few minutes, it’s important that you remember to go because you can actually be marked absent from it. And that means trouble. Secondly, it’s important to remember what your homeroom name/number/symbol is. Pretty much every high school form you fill out will want you to write it down.


9. Thinking you have time to hang out with friends in between classes.



All of those high school movies make us think that we have time to chill between classes with our BFFs and maybe hear a bit of gossip. In reality, you will be lucky if you even have time to go to your locker to pick up a book. If you try to meet up with a friend, chances are you won’t make it to your next class in time so you’ll get in trouble for being late.


10. Assuming that high school is a lot more chill than elementary school.



Hold up, girl because this isn’t college. Your elementary school might have made it seem like you’re going to the big leagues but there are still a lot of rules in high school. And some of them can be pretty ridiculous. No matter how stupid you think they are, it’s important that you know them and follow them. Don’t assume that you can do your own thing, wear a hat, or show up whenever you want.


11. Having your phone out.



I know you’re properly addicted to your phone, but schools are super strict about cellphones. Obviously, you probably know not to use your phone during class. What you also might not realize is that some schools don’t even allow you to have your phone visible. Don’t put your phone on your desk unless you have checked and rechecked your school rules to see whether it’s permitted.


12. Eating in class.



Did you make the mistake of skipping breakfast and it’s second period and you can’t see straight? I know your stomach might be rumbling, but you could still get in trouble for pulling out a snack in the middle of the lesson. In college you can get away with it, but high school? Probably not. Pro tip: If you need to eat, ask to go to the bathroom then go find somewhere to snack, if you can’t wait until lunch.


13. Not taking advantage of the guidance counselor’s office.



Did you take one look at the guidance counselor’s office and decide that you don’t need to go there until you’re a senior? Don’t think like that because there are some pretty good resources in there including tutor lists, study cheats, activities, and college brochures. It’s also a good spot if you want to talk to someone about your courses. At the very least, you could pick up a free agenda or check out the lost and found.


14. Not having an emergency snack in your bag.



Stash a granola bar or an apple in your backpack for emergencies and you will be so glad you did. You don’t want to be the person who passes out in science class because they didn’t make it to lunch on time. And I know it seems shocking, but there will be days when the caf does run out of their cheesy fries supply.


15. Dressing like you’re someone straight out of Gossip Girl.



Good for you for wanting to make a fashion statement at school. However, it’s important to remember that Gossip Girl was a TV show about “Manhattan’s elite” and didn’t really depict a true high school wardrobe. You don’t want to look OTT and you don’t want to get in trouble for breaking your school dress code. Things like headbands, hats, and flippy skirts can actually be against the rules.


What mistakes are you worried about making in high school? Let us know in the comments!

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