7 Easy Side Sex Positions You Need To Try

Now that fall is almost here, we are almost at peak “cuddle weather” which means all you and your bae will be doing is “Netflix and Chilling” which is apparently code for, you know, doin’ it. And, last I heard, the best and most efficient cuddling position was on your side–AKA spooning. This position makes sense, since you can be warm and comfy with your bae, and you can also face the TV (hence the Netflix part). So, picture this: you’re lying on your side watching Stranger Things or whatever will be big this autumn, when you suddenly have the urge to get it on. Do you turn around? You could, but that takes work, which is why I would like to introduce you to the wonders of having sex on your side.

Yes, it’s a little silly, but it’s also a good way to try something new with your bae. Believe it or not, there are actually a lot of sex positions that require you to start out by laying on your side. And, to make it even better, when you’re laying on your side, your bae is penetrating you from a different angle, which could mean it feels better for you. If you want to try it out, take a look at these positions for having sex on your side, and see which one you like the best!

Sexy Spoons

This is a classic cuddling-to-sex position that you and your partner have to try at some point. Just start out in spooning position, then adjust yourself so that your partner can actually ~enter~ you. You'll have to move around a little and use some lube, but it's a super intimate position that you and your partner will love.


Sensual Spoon

This one is like the sexy spoon, but a little more complicated. You start out in the sexy spoons position, but keep your legs wide open and you angle your body a little bit so that your partner's leg can go in between yours.


Spide Web

For this one, you and your bae are actually facing each other, which is perfect if you wanna get ~intimate~.  It's basically just missionary, but you turn over to your side. It can actually help your bae get deeper penetration, which means better sex for you!


Now And Zen

For this position, your bae stays on their side, and you straddle them. You can also be the one on your side, too, since there are no rules when it comes to fun sex positions! Hang one leg over your bae, then go ahead and grind. You've got this.


The Linguini

This is, perhaps, the best sex position of all time, simply because of the name. Linguini?! I love it. Lay on your side, and have your bae kneel between your legs, like the picture. This will take a little time to get the angle right, but you can do it!


Side Wind

This one is similar to the linguini, only you have your leg all the way up on your partner's shoulder. You want to be sure to stretch out before hand, but it will give your bae perfect access to your g-spot.


Boy On Side

For this one, all you need to do is lay down and your bae kneels on top. Then, you move up one of your legs so that they can get in a good position to ~thrust~.


Are you going to try any of these sex positions? Tell us in the comments!

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