17 Cute Mirror DIYs That Will Make Your Dorm Look Awesome

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? That would be you, girl, but it’s also your mirror, too. Well, it can be after you DIY it.

Finding the right mirror can be a challenge. I don’t know about you, but I’m convinced that some of the “regular” mirrors you can buy are more like fun house ones thanks to the way they stretch and shrink you. And just when I get a mirror that I’m happy with, I realize that it’s too short to reveal my full outfit or that I have to look really close up if I want to be able to see to put on my eyeshadow. Ugh.

It’s an exhausting search so when I finally find a mirror that I like, I’m usually not too concerned with what the frame looks like. As long as it does its job, I’m happy. However, I’ve recently changed my tune after scrolling through Pinterest and seeing the easy ways you can upgrade a mirror.

If you have a good, functional mirror, you can turn it into a good, functional, and pretty mirror with some easy and affordable DIY projects. Take a look (huck, huck) at 17 easy DIYs to make your mirror look pretty from all angles.

1. Sunburst Mirrormirro1


Sunburst designs are a classic. This DIY looks so chic, but would you believe me if I told you that it’s made out of paint sticks? Yup, really.


2. Tile Mirror



You might have seen your parents attempt some DIY tiling in the kitchen. I promise you that this DIY is nowhere near as intense as their project. In fact, it’s fairly simple.


3. Hanging Mirrors



Urban Outfitters has some amazing decor items but they also have some fabulous DIYs. Case in point: These hanging mirrors. Try square mirrors. Try hexagonal ones. Try octagonal ones.


4. Rough Cut Quartz Mirror



Quartz crystals are showing up everywhere from jewelry to hair to DIYs. Make your mirror look like a dazzling crystal with some rough cut quartz DIYing. Your mirror will look like a million bucks.


5. Metallic Mirror Frame



Make your mirror as pretty as your picture frames with this easy DIY metallic frame. It’s up to you if you want to match your frames with your mirror or try different designs.


6. Seashell Mirror



Get thee to a beach ASAP so you can recreate this mirror. If you’re in love with everything mermaid-related, it’s a must that you create this mirror.


7.  Rounded Starburst Mirror



This looks very impressive, but don’t let that intimidate you. It’s actually made with those curvy wooden ice cream spoons. It will take a bit of time to lay them out, but it’s not a complicated task.


8. Embellished Mirror



You know those bags of colored stones that you always stare at but you can never figure out what to do with them? Here’s one great way to use them.


9. Rope Mirror



Instead of using the rope to hang a mirror, use it to create a “frame.” Simply glue the rope on the mirror and begin wrapping it around, and around, and around.


10. Jeweled Mirror



Turn your mirror into a jewelry box with this embellished DIY. If you don’t have enough old jewelry, hit up flea markets and thrift stores for some affordable offerings.


11. Flower Mirror



It’s a floral crown…for your mirror. If you have any extra flowers, you can still create a floral crown for your head.


12. Three Decorated Mirrors



Why only decorate one mirror when you can decorate three? You might not think that you can see much from three skinny mirrors with a design on them, but you can provided you don’t do too elaborate of a design.


13. Plastic Spoon Flower Mirror



It’s time to start collecting plastic spoons from the caf so you can DIY this amazing mirror. Paint them with a gradient color scheme to enhance the 3D effect of the “flower.”


14. Wooden Mirror



There’s no need to go chopping up trees for this DIY. You can find wooden pieces in craft stores. If you do have some broken sticks in your backyard, you could add them, if you’re feeling up to it.


15. Egg Carton Flower Mirror



Don’t throw out that egg carton when you’re done making that fry up. Old egg cartons actually make the prettiest decorative flowers. Who knew?


16. Pointed Sunburst Mirror



This looks like one of those fancy mirrors that you would find in a posh decorating store, but you can create it for a lot less.


17. Anthropologie-Inspired Mirror



Anthropologie is #decorgoals, but it can also be #walletemptyinggoals. Get the look for less at home with this easy DIY.


What mirror is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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