7 Fashion Rules You Should Break This School Year

My mom is a very strict rule-follower when it comes to fashion. She will NEVER wear white after labor day, and wouldn’t be caught dead in mixed prints. So, for the longest time, I would live by these rules as well. I thought it was an actual sin to wear these types of clothes, so I never would. And then, I grew up a little, went off to college, and realized that there really aren’t “rules” when it comes to what you wear. Sure, you can’t be naked in most places (probably) but you should be able to wear whatever clothes you want, no matter what the silly “rules” are. I mean, who makes these rules anyway?

Sure, these rules have been around forever, but that doesn’t mean that you HAVE to follow them. In fact, you really shouldn’t follow them. Fashion is about expressing yourself and being comfortable, not listening to to what other people tell you what to wear or look like. If you want to wear stripes, wear stripes! Here are some more “fashion rules” that you should totally break this school year. Who knows, you might be the next fashion icon in your school!

You Can't Wear White After Labor Day

This is an old timey tradition that so many people follow. But, why? White makes you looks super put together, not to mention the fact that you look tan AF, which is pretty awesome for the winter months. If you have a white dress, don't be afraid to wear it in September and all through the fall and winter. I promise, nobody will actually care.

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You Shouldn't Wear Socks With Shoes

This trend used to be worn exclusively by dads on vacation, but now it's a ~thing~ for trendy girls to wear cute socks with sandals. It's especially important this time of year, when we are transitioning from summer to fall. So, feel free to wear your cute summer sandals with a unique pair of socks this fall.


You Always Need To Wear A Bra

Okay, this is a little risky, since some school dress codes are very against girls not wearing bras, even though they are SUPER uncomfortable. If you can afford to go braless, do it! It's 2017, bras are so over.

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Never Wear Black And Blue

For some reason, everybody used to think that wearing black and blue meant that you would look like a bruise. In reality, it's actually a pretty perfect combo for your fall wardrobe.


Don't Mix Patterns

Guys, mixing patterns is ~high fashion~ now. At one point, wearing a polka dot shirt with floral pants was a fashion DISASTER, but now it's artsy and cool. Do you!

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Never Wear The Same Shade

Of course you can wear a millennial pink top with a millennial pink skirt, it's 2017! I know that as a kid, you probably wore matching outfits all the time, and now it's back in style.


Stay Away From Stripes

For a really long time, I was told not to wear horizontal stripes because it would make you look wider than you actually are. Even if this is true, who really cares?! Wear whatever types of stripes you want.


Which of these rules will you break? Tell us in the comments!

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