20 Style Tips On How To Wear Gingham Pants

Gingham is one of those classic patterns that will always be around, but it’s certainly been extra popular the last few months. I’m all for it! Gingham has a preppy vibe to it that’s kind of fun, and it can be made to look simple or paired with other patterns to make it a little bit more quirky. I’ve already written about (and spent a lot of my money on) gingham shirts and dresses, but there’s a clothing item I was forgetting: gingham pants. These are especially great for summer/fall transitional weather, when it’s not cold enough to get all covered up, but not warm enough to step out in shorts and a tank.

Gingham pants are, I think, a little more business casual looking than the dresses, skirts, tops, or bikinis that have been hanging around all summer. The fit of the classic gingham trouser reminds me, personally, of a cool, stylish working woman. But there are so many different ways to wear them to make them look more casual and unique! They’re a little more sophisticated than jeans, which I love, and they’re comfortable. Convinced that you need a pair? You do! But first, check out these style tips on how to wear gingham pants. You’ll be so inspired that you’ll race to the store right after.

1. Go black and white.



Let’s start with some warmer weather looks. This combo of a black tank, cropped gingham pants, and white sneakers is pretty much perfect. The bandana headband and round sunglasses give the outfit a bit of adorable vintage feel. It’s easy and comfortable! And since most gingham is black and white, keeping the theme going is easy and always looks good.


2. Wear ’em with a crop top.



Another easy warm weather outfit? A pair of high waisted gingham jeans with a cute crop top. It’s basic and looks good! In the summer, wear this outfit with sandals, and for fall, you can replace the sandals with flats or ankle boots.


3. Keep them casual with a graphic tee.



Gingham is a lot of pattern, so some people only wear gingham pants with a solid top. You don’t have to do that! Look how cute these cropped gingham trousers look with a black and white graphic tee. The loafers keep this look a nice mix of casual and mature.


4. Add a pop of bright color.



Go all black and white… except for one accessory or piece. I think bright colored shoes are so fun with gingham pants – I can’t get enough of these super pink sandals.


5. Opt for a gingham jumpsuit.



A jumpsuit has to be one of the easiest things to wear, ever. I love how this girl went for a gingham jumpsuit and made it more fun by adding a bright belt and shoes. This jumpsuit could easily transition to fall if layered over a long sleeve top or underneath a leather jacket.


6. Wear them with a denim jacket. 



A denim jacket and a pair of gingham trousers is such a classic combination – it’s casual and still stylish. I love how this girl also went for a colored shirt instead of something black or white. It just adds a nice amount of color.


7. Choose gingham leggings.



Trousers not your style? Gingham leggings exist, and they are probably super comfortable. Make them look ridiculously cool with an oversized graphic tee and a pair of combat boots. A very Instagram-worthy outfit is the result.


8. Add a leather jacket.



Gingham has a tendency to look very preppy and feminine. If you want to give it a bit of an edge, wear your gingham pants with a fitted leather jacket. The white sneakers in this outfit make the look really work.


9. Opt for a pair with ruffles.



You can have fun with this pattern by getting a pair of gingham pants that have ruffles on them, like these cute frilly cropped trousers. I also love how the gingham looks with black and white Oxford shoes. It’s such a cool mix!


10. Wear gingham flares for something different.



Straight leg gingham pants are pretty standard, but flared, cropped gingham pants? Not as standard. These look great for fall with ankle boots and a comfy turtleneck.


11. Buy gingham pants in a color besides black and white.



Black and white gingham might be the most popular, but it’s definitely not the only shade! Buy a pair of trousers in a different color. These light brown pants are great for summer as well as fall, and they’re still a fairly neutral shade.


12. Mix prints.



Gingham and stripes might sound like a terrifying combo, but it can actually work! Take this look for example: the patterns are about the same size, and there’s enough white in the top to keep it from looking like a dizzying mess. Also, the sliver of belly thanks to the crop top helps break up the look.


13. Go for a matching look.



Get yourself a gingham suit to really take on this trend! Look how cool it looks with these bright red heels. You can also wear each piece separately if putting them together is too much – but I think it’s pretty awesome, personally.


14. Pair your pants with a bold colored sweater.



A bright top with black and white pants always looks good. This red with gingham combo looks particularly good.


15. Wear ’em with a lace top.



Mix patterns by wearing gingham pants with a lacy top. It’s unexpected, but looks good. I love how this girl paired a large lace pattern with a tiny gingham pattern – it looks so chic.


16. Wear gingham pants with a button down shirt.



Go for a more professional vibe by wearing your pants with a button down. You can keep it pretty basic, or you can wear them with an elaborate button down, like this one that ties in front.


17. Add a big sweater.



Super easy fall outfit: an oversized sweater with a pair of gingham pants and flats. I love the color that comes with this bright statement necklace if you’re into that.


18. Get dramatic with wide leg pants.



Who says your gingham pants have to be straight legged? These gingham culottes are so unique. Keep them polished with heels and a button down shirt.


19. Keep things simple with a black top.



If you want an easy, go-to outfit for fall, get a pair of gingham trousers and wear them with a black sweater, tucked in. All you need to do is switch up the shoes, and you’ve got a stylish, comfortable look!


20. Add a fun scarf.



Want to play around with mixing prints without going too crazy? Add a printed scarf to your outfit.


Which one of these outfits is your favorite? How would you wear gingham pants? Share in the comments!

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