18 Easy Washi Tape DIYs To Try For Your Dorm

Tape isn’t the most exciting of things when you’re just staring at it in that roll. However, nothing comes to the rescue of a ripped page quite like a piece of tape. And I’ve been known to use some tape to perfect my manicures. Tape can also be really good in DIYs. Scotch Tape is pretty good, Duct Tape can create some epic things, and we cannot forget about washi Tape.

Even if you’ve never searched for a tape DIY, you have probably come across countless washi tape DIYs without even knowing it. If you’ve been admiring all of those pretty pastel-colored DIYs on Pinterest, congratulations, because you’ve probably been looking at washi Tape. Washi tape is actually a decorative Japanese tape that became popular in the mid-2000’s. It’s made from natural fibers, like bamboo or hemp, but the thing that concerns DIYers is that it’s made with oh-so-pretty patterns.

And just like Duct Tape, you can create a variety of things with washi Tape with minimal effort required. If you’re looking to jazz up your dorm, you’re going to want to invest in a few rolls of the cool tape and check out these tutorials. Get inspired by these 18 dorm room washi tape DIY ideas.

1. Washi Tape Mug

dorm 1


Ensure that your mug never gets mixed up with your roommate’s by DIYing that basic white cup. You don’t even need to put your initials on it. A one-of-a-kind pattern will do the trick.


2. Washi Tape Calendar



Having a decent calendar in your dorm room is as essential as having underwear. Make your calendar look extra pretty with some patterned washi tape.


3. Power Bar Labels



It might not be the prettiest DIY around, but it’s one of the most clever. And you will be so happy you did it when you unplug your computer instead of accidentally unplugging your TV and your lamp for the 500th time. Trust me.


4. Washi Tape Headboard



How fun is this? Not everyone’s dorm room bed will have a headboard, and you’re not going to be bringing a proper wooden one in, so this is the creative solution.


5. Washi Tape Light And Plug Covers


There’s no need to buy some fancy light switch cover. Simply jazz up that plain white one with some washi tape. Just make sure you remove it from the wall before you add the tape.


6. Hello Washi Tape Art



Welcome everyone into your dorm room with this washi tape wall art. Just make sure you do it on the inside of your room and not in your hallway.


7. Washi Tape Keyboard



You’re going to be spending a lot of time on your keyboard so you might as well make it look pretty. Just make sure you don’t completely cover up keys that you don’t know. Choose see-through tape or only cover up the ones you know with your eyes closed.


8. Washi Tape Shelf



TBH, this concept can be recreated with almost any style and pattern of tape. Choose your favorite one and turn that white shelf from basic to beautiful.


9. Washi Tape Clock



Keeping track of time is essential in college. And you can do just that with your pretty washi tape clock.


10. Washi Tape Mirror



Everyone needs a good mirror in their dorm. Make yours one-of-a-kind by getting your washi tape DIY on. Just make sure you don’t cover up the mirror entirely. You should still be able to check whether your dress is tucked into your underwear in it.


11. Washi Tape Shelf



You might not think that running a piece of washi tape along a shelf would make a massive difference, but it does. Best of all, it takes minutes to do.


12. Washi Tape Letters



Make that dorm room feel less sterile with some easy DIY art. This washi tape letter idea looks cute and it’s affordable.


13. Washi Tape Christmas Tree



I know that no one really wants to think about Halloween at the mo, yet alone Christmas, but pin this DIY now, and you will thank me later. You could even make it work all year by leaving off the Christmas ornaments or trying an oversized flower instead.


14. Washi Tape Frames



You’ll probably have a ton of photos of your friends, family, and pets in your dorm, but these washi tape frames are too cute to leave out. Have some with sweet messages from your love ones, but leave some blank so your new buds can write in them.


15. Geometric Washi Tape Door Art



You’ll never forget what door is yours when you have one that’s decorated with an awesome washi tape print. It’s much cooler than that sad, deflated balloon you tried to put on your door during orientation week.


16. Washi Tape Coasters



Repeat after me: You do not want to be the girl who pays for an overpriced wooden desk because you accidentally got a coffee ring on it. When you have those cute Washi Tape coasters you can have your latte while keeping your desk pristine.


17. Washi Tape Wall Or Door Art



Upgrade your dorm wall, door, or even window with some Washi Tape art. This diamond pattern is easy to recreate. Best of all, it peels away at the end of the school year without damaging the surface beneath.


18. Washi Tape Plastic Drawers



Plastic drawers are one of those essential items for keeping your dorm room organized, but they’re not the most exciting things. That is until you decorate them with some printed Washi Tape.


Have you ever made something with Washi Tape? Let us know in the comments!

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