16 Gorgeous Temporary Tattoos That Will Fool Everyone

Okay, let’s play a little game. What do you think of this tattoo?

It’s trendy, cool, and fun. It also looks like it would probably hurt, right? Well, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that tattoos actually can hurt quite a bit. Not only that, but tattoos are also a huge commitment. I know that as soon as you turn 18 you might want to get a tattoo, but the good news here is that there are some pretty cool temporary tattoos out there these days. In fact, the photo above is a temporary tattoo. I know! It looks so real!

I’m sure that when you think of temporary tattoos, you picture the tattoos you used to put all over your body when you were five. Those still exist, but there are a lot more “adult” versions that can be used to try out exactly where you want your tattoo when you decide to get it permanently. Honestly, this is a really good idea. They still look real and can last for over a month, but if you decide that you don’t like it, you aren’t stuck with it for the rest of your life. You also don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for it and endure pain. If you are considering getting a tattoo but you don’t know where you want it or ever what you want, take a look at some of these temporary tattoos that will help you decide what you REALLY want, and where:

1. This pretty flower:

Inbox, $22


2. This planet/space combo:

InkBox, $19


3. This colorful avocado!:

Tattly, $5


4. These pretty flowers:

Momentary Ink, $12

5. This ~colorful~ pansy:



Tattoo You, $6

6. This unique seahorse tattoo:



Tatly $15

7. This cute lil deer!:




Tattoo You, $6

8. These matching king and queen tattoos…and when it fades you can break up! Nice!:



Momentary Ink $9

9. This compass tattoo for any traveler:



Momentary Ink, $12



10. This adorable popsicle:



Tattly, $5

11. These delicate arrows:



Tattly, $5

12. This super unique moon:



Momentary Ink, $12

13. Some tiny bugs:



Tattly, $5

14. These pastel balloons:



Tattly, $5



15. A pretty plant:



Momentary Ink $15


16. This ~artsy~ tatt:




Inkbox, $21


Do you want any of these temporary tattoos? Tell us in the comments!

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