17 Pretty Hairstyles That Will Take Less Than 5 Minutes

As we all know, it’s back to school season, which means it’s “time to wake up early and crawl out of bed looking like a monster” season that we all love so much. I know it sucks this time of year, because while you want to look good and stylish at school, you also want to be able to sleep in a little, but you can’t when it takes 35 minutes to give yourself a celeb-style blowout. I mean, it is worth it, but waking up that early every day to do your hair can get tiring. Luckily for you, there are some ways to give yourself a great ‘do without spending a lot of time. So, yeah, you can sleep in for an extra few minutes.

Obviously, these hairstyles may vary, depending on your hair texture and length, but certain styles are super easy and won’t take you very long to do  and will still help you look put together. You will look super school-ready, while everyone else looks tired AF since they spent hours curling their hair or trying a complicated updo. This way, you can set your alarm for 20 minutes later, hop out of bed, throw on your pre-picked outfit from the night before, and try out some of these easy and cute hairstyles that will hardly take any time at all:

1. A messy bun with a bandana:



2. Some cute space buns:


Trenchcoat throw?

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3. A loose braid pulled back into a bun:



4. A loose side braid:


I feel like Anna from Frozen today… lol?? Thoughts? #LooseBraid #PhotoShootReady #ShineBabyShine #LetsDoThis

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5. Or a quick braided crown:



6. Try a low pony, and wrap your hair around the band for a cool look:


F R I – Y A Y! ?? • The “I woke up like this” pony. Texture and all. Just rolled out of bed! ?

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7. Or, try a high pony, and run a curling iron through it for quick curls:



8. Try a fishtail braid crown:


@nothingxgoldcanstay ? highlights+braids⚡️ swipe?? to see a quickie video #fishtailbraid #balayage #lauradoesmyhair #halosalonreno

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9. Or, throw your hair in a high pony and braid it:



10. Add a cute hair clip to keep your hair out of your face in a stylish way:



11. Add a hair band for a different look:


weekend style inspo via @mariahelen13 ✨ ≫≫ woodland wanderlust multiwrap headband ?: @zainahhaider

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12. Try something SUPER easy, and just switch up your part:



13. Or add some tiny braids and pull them back into a half-up half-down look:



14. If your hair is curly add some product to smooth it out and let it do its thing:


Blessed ♡ #curlyhair #cabelocacheado #girl #tumblrgirl

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15. A topknot is ALWAYS a good idea:



16. Or just a pretty simply rope braid!:



Messy wavy hair and a quick French braid! Easiest and fun hairdo ??? #funhair #quickhairstyle #frenchbraidstyle

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17. You can also do a side pony and add a glittery headband for a glamourous look:




Which hairstyle is your fave? Tell us in the comments!

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