10 Little Things You Can Do To Instantly Feel More Put Together

There are very few people out there who look perfectly polished and groomed every single day. Some men and women seem to wake up with great hair, perfectly applied makeup, and a fresh AF outfit. For the rest of us, it’s a bit of a struggle. We all have days where we don’t care how we look – we’ll wake up, throw on jeans and an acceptable shirt, maybe a little bit of makeup, and head out to world. But we also all have days where we do care, and we want to look a little more put together and stylish. Unfortunately, getting ready this way is often a lengthy process, and not everyone can spare the time. So, what you want to do in that case is figure out some quick and easy ways to look more put together that you can pull out whenever needed.

A recent Ask Reddit thread asked women their foolproof ways to look chic and mature on even the busiest mornings. Looking sophisticated doesn’t mean you have to pile on the makeup, curl your entire head of hair, or wear a fancy outfit. It can be as simple as swiping on your favorite red lipstick (one of my personal favorite tips) or swapping your backpack for a leather handbag. It’s the little touches that often make the biggest difference in a pleasing subtle way. Check out these tips on how to instantly look more put together without putting a ton of effort into your appearance:

Wear A Blazer

One easy way to immediately look more put together is to add a piece of clothing that has a more professional feel to your outfit. My favorite option is a blazer. User modus_acquirendi says, "Blazers help me all the time. I mean jeans, sneakers and white t-shirt is a pretty cool combo, but add a black blazer and you are instantly on a whole another level." It's true - blazers are one of those items that instantly makes an outfit look more polished, whether it's jeans and a tee or a sundress. Buy a nice one that fits well and throw it on whenever you need to look more stylish!

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Use A Face Mask

Sometimes looking more put together comes from not feeling completely stressed out. If you're feeling anxious and exhausted, it's going to be obvious to others - so, sometimes you need to set aside a little time to do something nice for yourself. User concretejunglefish says, "On nights I know tomorrow is going to be hell, I set an alarm to wake up an hour earlier to put on a clay mask before my shower and a moisturizing mask after before my make up. This makes me feel a bit refreshed while my makeup looks extra good that day and I get to sneak a nap or two during the masks, it's incredible."

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Add A Touch of Shimmer

At first thought, shimmer might sound too "young" and immature, but... that's wrong. Adding a little bit of fun to your look could be just the thing to make you feel more chic. User NotAnotherWhatever says, "I have a shimmer finishing spray for my hair I'll spritz on. It's super luxe and I love it." This is a great idea. Personally, I have this great shimmery gold coconut oil moisturizer that I use whenever I want to feel more put together. I put it on after the shower and it gives my skin a nice glow with a subtle shimmer that looks great in the sun.

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Swap Pants For A Dress

The way you dress can really have an impact on how you feel - and many women find that the right dress makes them feel super powerful. User cowchopbabe says, "A dress always makes me feel more put together even though it's mostly an excuse not to wear pants." Agreed - whenever I put on jeans, I immediately feel more casual. Get yourself a few basic dresses that make you feel confident and wear them when you want to look great.

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Start Your Morning Right

Sometimes looking more put together comes from feeling more put together, and one way to get your mind on the right track is to get a good start on the day. User Julrue says, "morning yoga for beginners, 10 min. Relaxing. Take a quick shower. Wake up early and leave early. For me it's mostly about starting my day properly." Whenever I get up early and have more time to get ready, I always feel more mature and sophisticated. I also find that yoga, or any kind of exercise, helps me feel like I have my life together.

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Do Something Different To Your Hair

If you never do much to your hair, then putting effort into it will definitely make you feel more together. User picsnipe says, "I'll put effort into my hair. Whether it's straightening, curling, putting it in a ponytail, anything. Usually I wear my hair down in whatever mildly wavy pattern it happens to dry in that day, so wherever I put even a little effort into making it look different I feel a lot more confident and in control of my life." Even if you always do it, do the opposite of what you normally do - if you always curl it, try straightening it. if it's always down, put it in a bun. This small change can really change your vibe!

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Fix Your Eyebrows

It can't be said enough: eyebrows can really make a big difference in how you look and feel. User Citychic88 says, "I make sure my eyebrows are groomed and filled in. I find that makes a huge difference." Tweeze the stray hairs and add a little product to make your brows look on point, and you'll notice a transformation in your face.

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Wear Heels

They might not be as comfortable as sneakers, but heels will almost always make you feel more chic. User sarahbta says, "Wearing heels. The extra bit of height makes me feel like I can conquer anything that's coming my way." I feel this way too! Whenever I want to look good or professional, I put on a pair of heels. They don't even need to be super high - a small heel will get the job done.

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Wear Matching Underwear

If you feel confident and sexy, that will come out to others - so why not feel more put together by wearing good underwear? User paperpuppetboat says, "Wear matching sexy underwear, even if I know no one is going to see it. Makes me feel empowered and put together af." It's your own sexy little secret.

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Put On Mascara

If you don't wear mascara every day, it's one of those beauty products that can really change the way you look. User thelastintheworld says, "I put on mascara. Most days I skip it because it's annoying to take it off, but when I want to feel more put together it's worth it." Mascara is a great product to use when you want to impress others.

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How do you look more put together in a few minutes? Tell us in the comments!

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