8 Mistakes Every Girl Will Make The First Week Of College

There are about a hundred things that will happen your first week of college. You will meet a ton of new people, lose your keys several dozen times, and start your classes. By the time the week is over, you will think that it’s been seven months, not seven days. But, alas, it is just one week of the never-ending school year. And it sort of goes downhill from there. JUST KIDDING. But it will get harder, and the first week is crucial when it comes to getting it right. It’s really important to start off on the right foot so you can be on top of things for the whole semester, right? Right.

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It will be pretty hard to get everything done your first week, since there are so many things to keep track of, but there are a couple rookie mistakes that, unfortunately, you will be making during those first few days. Luckily, I have been there and made these mistakes, so I can tell you exactly what will happen and how to recover from it. College is super scary, but if you keep in mind these common mistakes that every girl will make the first week, you might just survive. Have a good semester!


Which of these things have you done? Tell us in the comments!

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