7 Tips For Looking Good If You Don’t Have Air Conditioning

The first few weeks of college are super fun because you get to meet new people and “reinvent yourself” in a new way. You become super independent and it’s awesome. It’s a bit of a transition, but once you get over the initial first day jitters, it really is fun. But the one thing that always sucks about the first few weeks isn’t just the intense workload, but the fact that it’s mostly always hot and a lot of dorms don’t have AC.

If you are lucky enough to go to a school with AC in your dorms, then you are in the clear. But, for a lot of schools, AC is pretty rare. I only had AC my last year of school, which made the first few months of my fall semesters to be brutal. Not only is it gross and sticky, but it’s hard to look good when it’s that hot outside and inside. I know it sounds silly, but the first few days of college are crucial when it comes to making friends and getting comfortable. It can be hard to be confident when you look like a sweaty and frizzy monster. Sorry. Maybe you happen to be one of those girl who glistens instead of sweats, but I sweat a LOT, so here are some tips for how to look good, even if your college dorm (or even high school classroom!) doesn’t have AC.

Keep Blotting Papers Around

What's worse than being sweaty? Being sweaty and oily. Carry blotting papers in your purse to eliminate excess oil and sweat. This will help keep your face clean and keep your face from breaking out TOO much in the end-of-summer heat.

Clean and Clear blotting papers, $5.99

Try A Cute Updo

If you want to keep your hair out of your face (I don't blame you) try a cute updo that will make you look super chic and put together, even if you're sweaty AF. Try a braided crown or space buns for a cute look that will keep your hair from overheating the back of your neck.

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Keep A Fan In Your Room

If you live in a dorm, the most important thing you can do is have a very high-powered fan against your window. It will create a cross breeze so that you're not on the verge of fainting from heat stroke when you're just trying to study (or nap). This is very important!

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Keep Wipes On Hand

Another good way to cool off is to keep some cleansing wipes around to help clean your face off and cool you down. These will help lift away dirt and oil without drying out your skin, which is super important this time of year!

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Stay Hydrated

Okay, you might think that this doesn't have to do with your appearance, but stay with me here. The more hydrated you are, the better you will feel, which can make you seem a lot more confident than someone who is about to pass out of heat stroke. ALWAYS carry a water bottle with you so that you can stay safe and hydrated. It will help your skin and overall wellbeing. Believe me!

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Carry Makeup

Ideally, you don't want to wear a lot of makeup in the heat because it will be super sweaty, but I totally understand if you want to look more mature or put-together when hanging around school for the first few weeks. Carry some mini-makeup items around with you so you can touch up your face, even if you're constantly sweating.

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Wear Light Clothes

I know that you might look cute in a pretty long-sleeved top, but save that for the fall. You don't want those gross sweat stains to appear when you are meeting your new BFFs. You want to be comfortable and it's hard to be comfortable when you're wearing lots of layers or thick clothes. Stick to light clothes like tank tops and sundresses.

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Which of these things have you done? Tell us in the comments!

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