8 Dorm Sex Dos And Don’ts You Need To Follow

People have sex in college. Not everyone, but it’s fair to say that most college students spend their college years in a naked sexy situation with someone at least once. Hey, more power to ’em: College can bring about some serious sexual freedom, without being forced to get it on under your nosy parents’ roof, or without the judgement of a community that isn’t friendly toward your sexual orientation, etc. So, yeah, I’m all for people exploring the wonders (and awkwardness) of consensual sex in their college years.

What I’m not all for is people being douchebags about their college sexcapades. And trust me, a lot of people are really douchey in this regard.

I don’t know what it is about sex that just makes people think that manners and decorum are up for debate. Naw, there are rules to sex in college, especially if you’re living in a dorm. So check out these eight dos and don’ts to dorm sex that you need to follow. Whether you plan on getting it on in the dorms or not, you need to memorize these rules.

DON'T Get Too Carried Away By The Pleasure

Here's a fun story I like to tell. I was studying abroad and this girl who lived in my hall often had her boyfriend in town. She never bothered to introduce us to him for whatever reason, so I never knew his name...until I heard her screaming it in the throes of passion one day. This girl was loud AF when she was having sex, at all hours of the day, and it was annoying AF. The walls in your dorm probably aren't too thick, guys. Keep it down.

American Pie

DON'T Have Sex On Any Of Your Roommate's Belongings

YES, THIS IS A THING THAT PEOPLE DO. Maybe your roommate is out of town and their bed is closer to the door. Maybe you just start doing it on your roommate's desk. Look, I don't know, but don't do it because imagine how mortified you'll be if they find out. Also, it's just effing rude. You wouldn't want your roommate's boyfriend's jizz to get all over your desk while you were away, right? Of course not.

The To-Do List

DO Keep Condoms

If you have a vagina and have sex with people with penises, do not act as if it's only their responsibility to supply the condoms. You're responsible for having safe sex too, boo! Keep a small supply in a safe spot in your dorm room just in case.

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DO Give Your Roomie A Heads Up Before Getting It On

It doesn't matter if you give them a heads up at a really awkward time or not, it's loads better than accidentally being walked in on by your stressed out roommate at 10:30 PM. Yeah, your roommate might be really annoyed if she just wants to sleep and you're busy getting it on, but it's better than you looking inconsiderate and letting her walk in on you in the act.

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DON'T Make Your Dorm Room Your Personal Sex Room

Please, if you end up having a relationship or you just hook up a lot, don't make your room the designated sex room. Alternate, please! Put yourself in your roommate's shoes: Your dorm being off limits at random, annoying hours because you only have sex there and nowhere else is incredibly frustrating and will get very old very quickly.

Dear White People

DO Set Sex Rules With Your Roomie From The Jump

This is paramount. Neither of you know what your sex life will be like for the upcoming school year, but regardless you should set some ground rules about inviting people over, hooking up, contacting each other, etc. That way you're not making up rules as you're going along, and potentially dealing with a scenario in which one of you is having a power trip and calling the shots as they see fit. When you have rules before anything even happens, you'll both respect the rules more and avoid unnecessary drama.

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DO Close The Damn Door

Uh, yes, this happens sometimes, especially if you're a little intoxicated and are generally being careless. Please, make sure your dorm door is closed or else everyone on your hall is going to have some fun stories for the rest of the year.


DON'T Hookup While Your Roommate Is In The Room

This might sound like a no brainer, but you'd be surprised by what people get up to in their dorm rooms. It's not unheard of for your roomie to sneak in her hookup while they think you're passed out on the top bunk. Ugh, can you imagine if you were on a bottom bunk and had to deal with your roommate having sex above you? Yes, people are this shameless...don't be like those people and have some respect for your roommate.


Have you ever done any of these don’ts? What others dos and don’ts should be on this list? Tell us in the comments!

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