15 Chic School Supplies You Need To Get For School

I definitely wouldn’t say that I was a “chic” or “put together” in high school, but I was pretty good at recognizing girls who were. They all had the perfectly shiny and clean school supplies, with trendy backpacks and accessories. I, on the other hand, had a hand-me-down backpack and some pens that I probably stole from my teachers. I wasn’t trendy at all, and I was disorganized AF. That’s obviously fine, but these days, it’s a lot easier to look super chic, even if you’re not. The key is to get pretty school supplies that will help keep you organized and looking trendy AF.

Obviously, the trends change, but right now there are some trends that will be sticking around for at least a little bit longer. Rose gold, millennial pink, marble designs, etc, are all trends that have been huge the past few months. If you get any school supplies that go along with that theme, you’re sure to look super on top of things and fashion-forward. They will even help keep you organized and even maybe get better grades! One can hope, right? If you need some help, don’t worry, here are some chic school supplies that will have everyone super jealous of you.

1. A trendy marble notebook:


Urban Outfitters, $24


2. A rose pencil case:


PBTeen, $19.50


3.  A cute gold and black planner:



Rifle Paper Co, $30


4. A quirky desk organizer….cacti are SO IN right now:



Urban Outfitters, $16


5.  A fancy water bottle that can hold cold and hot drinks:


S’well, $35


6. A pretty folder set:


Amazon, $13.95


7. A metallic mini notebook that you can use to pass notes in class:


Urban Outfitters, $8


8. A pretty stapler to keep your papers together:


Amazon, $24.95


9. Some cute glitter pens for your bullet journal:



Amazon, $7.22


10.  Or some pretty pencils:


Rifle Paper Co, $22


11. A unique soft case for your glasses:


Target, $4.99



12. A metallic backpack:


ASOS, $35


13. These ADORABLE pineapple paper clips:


The Container Store, $2.99


14. A magnetic locker organizer:


The Container Store, $9.99


15. A binder that will help you stand out:


Papyrus, $9.99

Are you going to get any of these chic supplies? Tell us in the comments!

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