Quiz: Is Your Crush Too Good For You?

When you are crushing – and I mean crushing HARD – on someone, it can be really common to second guess yourself. It happens! We start to fall into this cycle of thinking we are too good for our crush and we should find someone else to like, and then we backflip and start to think that maybe they are too good for us. It totally sucks to think this way, since we are are  powerful goddesses who deserve to be with people who actually want to be with us. Regardless, it happens – sometimes, after being rejected or ignored, we start to wonder if our standards are a little too high, and that makes us feel pretty crappy.

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It’s easy to assume that because your crush isn’t making a move on you, then it must be your fault – but usually, this isn’t true. Dating is weird and complicated, and a lot of the time signals get mixed up or things get confusing, or you two simply aren’t on the same page. It’s not always someone’s fault! It sucks that our first thought is to doubt ourselves, but it’s also an annoying part of ~growing up~ and figuring things out. But how do you know if someone is actually too good for you? Well, you can start by taking our extremely scientific quiz. It will clue you in on whether or not your crush is too good. Good luck!

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