15 Pretty Braided Hairstyles For Long Hair

We have been posting a lot about hairstyles for short hair, which makes sense, since styling shorter hair tends to be a whole lot more complicated than styling longer hair. But if you, like me, have been trying to grow out your hair for the fall, now is our time to shine! I spent all summer with this annoying, frizzy thick head of hair, and I’m ready for autumn so I can actually start to do things with it besides throw it in a bun. When I think about cute fall hairstyles, I automatically think of braids. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s the idea of a flannel/braid combo that’s just so appealing to me, but whatever. All I know is that my hair’s getting longer and I want to try out a ton of new braided hairstyles this fall.

Obviously, you can still wear these if you have short hair, it just might be a little harder or look a little different. But that’s the beauty of braids! They don’t need to look perfect. In fact, they can look a little “disheveled” and still have a cool boho vibe to them.  I honestly can’t wait to try out these braided looks with a cute fall sweater and tights. I know I’m getting ahead of myself, but just take a look at these braided looks and see for yourself! 


1. Undone Braid


This look is super ~chill~ and gives off a relaxed vibe, which is perfect for a cozy fall day. It will look super cute with a sweater and some leggings or a dress. You will be a chic lazy girl.


2. Double Fishtail

This is actually a lot easier than it looks! A fishtail looks super pretty and takes very little time. With long hair it will look so good.


3. Braided Bun

It’s super pretty and low key but still helps you look super put together, which is super important during back-to-school season.


4. Floral Braids

Of all the wedding styles I’ve ever done, this may be my favorite ?.

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Add some cute little flowers to any type of braid for a elegant look. It will add a pop of color!


5. Braided Space Buns

Space buns look great why any hair type, but if your hair is long enough, you can try some braided space buns for a cute and spacey look.


6. Long Pull Through Braid

This is relaxed look that’s perfect for the transition into fall. It’s sophisticated and cute and works best with longer hair.


7. Straight Braids

This is a ~funky~ braided hairstyle that is a little different than your normal braided pony. Add a couple braids to a high pony for a super unique look.


8. Top Braid


This is a cool update on a regular pony. It looks super fancy and would look so good with any outfit. It’s perfecct for long, thick hair.


9. Rope Braid

A rope braid always looks cute, and when you pull it into a bun it looks super relaxed and gives off a boho feel.


10. Many Braids

You can also just add a ton of braids then pull them back for a cool look.

11. Underbraid

An underbraid is a braid that is tucked under your hair. It’s super easy and will give some straight hair a little texture.


12. Waterfall Braid

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When in doubt, add a waterfall braid. They are easy and can be worn to both school or a fancy event like homecoming.


13. Bubble Braid

This is two trends in one: a side braid and a bubble pony. It will give your hair a lot of volume and life, which is perfect if you want to stand out.


14. Pull Through Crown

This is a pretty take on the braided crown. It’s the same thing, you just use a pull-through braid instead. Easy and cute.


15. Pigtail Braids

Braids can also be worn with curly hair. It gives it a cool texture and look, like these pigtail braids.


Are you going to try these braided looks? Tell us in the comments!

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