15 Weirdly Petty Things We’re All Guilty Of Doing

Like most people, I often find that I tend to veer towards some fairly petty activity in my day-to-day. Not on purpose! I tell myself that I am not petty, and do my very best to not demonstrate pettiness in my daily activities. But, then, I will “accidentally” turn on my read receipts to prove a point (what point? Nobody knows), or go out of my way to like a friend’s Instagram when they aren’t texting me back. You have done the same at some point or another, right?

Anyway. There are worse things one could be than petty, right? In fact, in these dark times, with the fact that many of us are still reeling from the literal Nazi march that occurred this past weekend, honing one’s skills of pettiness is just about the only way to stay sane. That is what I tell myself to lull myself to sleep at night, at least! So, check out these weirdly petty things that we’re all guilty of doing:

1. Blurring out the face of that one person you don’t like in your photos together:



2. Which may be something that you do to, uh, a lot of people:



3. Publicly airing the grievances you have with one family-owned store in particular:



4. Checking yourself for teh essentials every day:



5. Getting your queen the bag she deserves:



6. Holding on to that one thing you know you need to let go of…but you can’t:



7. Making sure that if you can’t be happy, no one can be happy:


8. Giving up one of your passions just because someone you’re not crazy about also likes it:



9. Using a Google receipt to call out all of your FAKE friends:



10. Acting out and then realizing that you read the situation all wrong:



11. Dragging out a conversation you don’t want to be having just so you can end it with an epic burn:



12. Turning on read receipts whenever you’re feeling messy:

13. Being the second person:



14. Making a home for yourself on Petty Island:



15. Just, like, never letting go. Of anything:


Have you done any of these things? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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