11 Ways To Make College Move-In Day Easier

Truthfully, I don’t remember all that much about the day I moved into college. Or, to be exact, I don’t remember anything about the day I moved into college. I remember being so nervous the night before that I couldn’t sleep at all, and I remember looking around my dorm room after my parents left and trying not to cry in front of my new roommate, but the day itself is more or less a blur.

This is probably for the best. Moving into a college dorm is one of the most stressful experiences any human person can go through (I mean, based on what people have told me), so I assume I just blocked the entire ordeal out of my head to make it easier on myself later on. If you are going to college this year, I recommend this! But, of course, selective amnesia is not exactly an option for everyone. And, the truth is that college move-in day doesn’t actually have to be, like, that hard. So, check out these ways to make moving into college easier:

1. Hang your clothes up and wrap them in garbage bags before you leave:


This way, you can hang things up right when you move in without them being wrinkled from being in a suitcase or dingy from being bumped around in the car on the drive over.


2. Put cotton rounds in your makeup compacts:



There’s bound to be some bumps and drops when you’re moving in. Putting some cotton rounds and balls in your compacts will prevent your them from smashing.


3. Have these things on hand:



You can figure out the particulars for yourself, but it’s a good idea to have trash bags, extension cords, scissors, and a screwdriver easily accessible.


4. Unpack your fan first:


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If your dorm doesn’t have AC, you’ll need to get some air moving ASAP. This will help keep your sweat (and your tension) at bay.


5. Have your first aid kit handy, too:



You’ll need to bring a first aid kit to college anyway, of course, but make sure you have it easily on hand when you move in. Hopefully you won’t need it, but, if you do…well, you’re better safe than sorry.


6. Pack up your snacks beforehand:



If you want, you can pack up a shelf or under-bed container so it’s all ready as soon as you move in, too.


7. Have your mementos from home ready to go:



As in, don’t have a bunch of loose photos and posters swimming around at the bottom of your backpack. Instead, try to make a photo collage before you move in so the only thing you have to do on move-in day is hang it up.


8. Pre-pack your under-bed storage containers:



If you’re bringing plastic storage containers to school, it will serve you well to pack them in advance (preferably with clothes you know you won’t be wearing right away.) This way, you won’t lose space on transporting them to school, and the only thing you have to do is stick it under your bed.


9. And tape the drawers shut:



So, you know, your stuff won’t all fall out when you take it out of the car.


10. Hang up your jewelry ahead of time:



And make sure it stays up by covering it with Press-n-Seal. This way, your jewelry won’t get tangled or fall out when you’re moving into your dorm.



11. Try not to over-pack:



It’s hard, I know. But moving in will be much, much easier if you aren’t overloaded with random stuff. Forgot something? No big deal. The campus bookstore exists for a reason.

Are you going to college soon? Are you going to use any of these tips? Let us know in the comments!

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