9 Important Things To Do Before Using A Dorm Shower

Story time! When I was a sophomore in college, the women’s bathroom was out of order for an entire semester. That meant I had to go downstairs to use that floor’s women’s restroom, which wasn’t horrible. Then, three weeks into that routine, the downstairs women’s bathroom was also out of order. That meant that I either had to walk down two flights of stairs to shower or- GASP- use the boys bathroom. I tried both, but once winter came around and the hallways started getting freezing AF, I had no choice but to use the boy’s bathroom right next to my room. And it was…awful.

While it was terrible to live like this, it also taught me how to be really resourceful when it comes to bathrooms. In case you didn’t notice, men are gross (especially 19-year-old men) so I REALLY had to be careful, especially when it came to showering. Of course, not everyone will have to use the boy’s bathroom, but there are some dorm showering tips I learned that year that everyone really needs to know. It will make everyone’s experience a lot better and trust me, that’s super important when it comes to your hygiene. So check out these things you need to do before, during, and after showering in a dorm.

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