23 Tiny Elbow Tattoos That Will Make You Want Ink Now

There’s something about looking at tiny tattoos that is so satisfying. Maybe it’s because small, compact things are very cute. Maybe it’s because little tattoos seem more accessible and manageable than large ones. Or maybe it’s because, as our writer Nina once suggested, we are so conditioned to seeing “small” as being good that we automatically love all small things. Who knows! It might be a larger discussion for another time. But one thing is for sure: tiny tattoos are the best tattoos, especially when they are placed in an unexpected spot, like an elbow.

Elbow tattoos are often large and bold – think an image of something literally wrapped around the elbow (like a spider web). So, little ones look adorable in comparison. It’s not a spot people notice right away, either, which is kind of nice – like your tattoo is something people take note of out of nowhere rather than something they see immediately (not that that’s bad! Just, sometimes, secretive can be fun). And when I saw that Bella Hadid, one of my favorite supermodels, got her own small elbow tattoo, I had to look up more. Check hers out:

?@bellahadid #jonboytattoo

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It’s difficult to see because this photo is taken kind of far away, but it’s a little rose – so sweet! And isn’t it kind of cool to have a lone, tiny tattoo hanging around your elbow in the middle of your bare arm? If you’re inspired to get your own, you’ll need some more ideas first. The below tiny elbow tattoos are so adorable you’re probably going to want to make an appointment to get one right away. Sorry, parents!

1. This tiny, minimalistic airplane that will make you want to travel everywhere:

2. This couples sun and moon tattoo set that’s so cute I want to scream:


3. Or these plant tattoos that go together but could still easily live on their own if you guys broke up (sorry!)


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4. This very simple wave that speaks volumes:


5. This stupidly cute sloth that is making me hyperventilate from love:


6. This perfect teeny, tiny unicorn:


7. This even tinier arrow that looks sophisticated:


8. This pinky promise that takes a second to figure out:

"We will carry pieces of all those who have built and broken us." – Atticus

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9. This mountain and tree tattoo that is perfect if you love nature:


10. This Beauty and The Beast tattoo that isn’t exactly tiny, but was too cute not to post:


11. This squiggly line tattoo that I don’t know the name of but love regardless:

#smalltattoo #tattoo #henrylopeztattoo #tattoos #peru?? #tattoogirls

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12. This dancing cactus that is extremely trendy:


13. This “xo” that is simple but perfect:


14. This pretty dandelion that will impress everyone:


15. This dog outline you’ll love if you have a puppy:


16. A short phrase or quote you love:


17. Your initial:


18. This creepy but cool eye:

19. This slightly larger pinky swear:

Pinky swear ?(I am NOT going to get sappy right now but I've known my best friend for 10 years and she buys me donut sticky notes when I'm sad and doesn't laugh at me when I ask her to get me the lizard cup so I can chase a gecko in the apartment. And we've been planning to get this since May of last year according to the screenshot on @clovercitylimit's phone. But like I'm not going to get sappy right now)(Also it's really hard to get the back of my arm in a picture so imma post a video on my story that'll show the whole thing)?? – – – #pinkypromise #bestfriends #newink #selfie #mirrorselfie #bookstagram #curlyhair #longhair #mermaid #popsocket #popsockets #popsocketselfie #positivevibes #goodvibes #tattoo #tattoos #smalltattoo #girlswithtattoos #inked #inkedgirls #ootd

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20. This sweet little bunny:

Tiny rabbit by @bodiesneedrest

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21. This simple matching couples tattoo:


22. This mini flower garland that hugs your elbow:


23. This super simple but cute plant:

Which one of these tiny elbow tattoos is your favorite? What kind of tattoo do you want? Share in the comments.

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