17 Cute DIY iPhone Cases You Need To Make

People obsess about having the latest iPhone, but even the most high tech phone isn’t that exciting if you have a crappy case. Or — gasp — no case. Not only does a case help stop dreaded screen cracks, it can also make your phone look 10 times cooler. And in a world of Instagrammable #moments, that’s essential, right?

You might already have a collection of phone cases, but have you ever thought to DIY one? If you’re like me, you might have thought that designing a phone case would be super complicated, but it doesn’t have to be, especially when you’re already starting with a basic pre-made case. Once you have that, all it takes is a little bit of time, your craft box, and your imagination.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, maybe this will: Some of the coolest phone cases can easily be more than $100. If you’re a savvy DIYer, you can create a similar case to some of the expensive ones for well under half of that price. Convinced now? Thought so. Here are 17 DIY iPhone cases to upgrade your phone with.

1. Crystal iPhone Case



You know those crystal phone cases you always stare at longingly in the store? And you know how you always put them back when you find out how much they are? Well, you can DIY your own for much cheaper.


2. Photo iPhone Case



Is there a photo that you love so much that you don’t just want it in your phone, but you also want it on it? Enter this easy DIY. Just make sure you have copies of the photo in case you mess up the placement the first time you attempt it.


3. Marble iPhone Case



Marble iPhone cases are everywhere. Instead of dropping your hard-earned dollars on an expensive case, DIY your own. This one looks as expensive as any other case, but the secret is that it’s made with a marble print.


4. Gradient Button iPhone Case



You know all those random buttons that you have been holding onto and you have no idea why? Turn them into a beautiful gradient phone case. Now your pack rat ways were worth it.


5. Galaxy iPhone Case



Galaxy is one of the hottest patterns apart from unicorns and mermaids. Give your iPhone an out of this world update with this easy tutorial. You don’t need to buy anything apart from the case because all it uses is nail polish.


6. Star iPhone Case



There’s no need to stick every single thing you have in your craft box on your iPhone case. Keeping it simple can yield some major results. See this oh-so-pretty star case for proof.


7. Lace iPhone Case



Lace looks pretty on the hems of skirts, on blouses…and on iPhone cases. I’m sure you have a piece of lace somewhere in your house. Go and find it and stick it (artfully) on your phone.


8. Sharpie iPhone Case



Grab a plain case and your collection of Sharpies and get coloring. You could draw out a template beforehand or you can be brave and just freehand it. Choose a light-colored case so the markers will really show up.


9. Studded iPhone Case



If you’re a fan of adding studs to your jean shorts, this is your phone case DIY. Hopefully you still have some leftover studs that you can utilize.


10. Washi Tape Stripe iPhone Case



Is there anything you can’t do with Washi tape? Not really. This phone case is proof of that. The herringbone design is a fun alternative to stripes. Bonus: It’s not that complicated to do.


11. Pressed Flower iPhone Case



Pressing flowers is one of those old school activities that deserves a comeback. If you’ve never tried it before, do it with this iPhone case. Just looking at how blooming beautiful it looks.


12. Map iPhone Case



Make your phone look chic and know where you’re going at all times by decorating your phone with a map. The world map idea is cute for those with constant wanderlust, but the subway map is so handy because you don’t have to deal with temperamental travel apps.


13. Flower Temporary Tattoo iPhone Case



Don’t write this DIY off as being overly complicated just yet. You don’t have to draw those flowers because they’re actually temporary tattoos. Who would have thought of that?! Use the flowers as a jumping off point and try any temporary tattoos that you like.


14. Watermelon iPhone Case



Grab a clear iPhone case, your paints, and your markers and create this adorable iPhone case. If you’re more of a strawberry girl, you can always switch things up.


15. BFF Cross-stitch iPhone Case



Cross-stitch your phone case? Why not? You’re obviously going to need a phone case with holes in it or a proper cross-stitching case from a kit. Then it’s up to you to choose your design. If your BFF is willing, the two of you should definitely recreate these cases.


16. Calligraphy iPhone Case



Combine some old school calligraphy with a very modern clear iPhone case. Practice your writing before you draw on your phone case because it will be a pain to correct.


17. Gold Pattern iPhone Case



Gold spray paint makes anything look cool. Add a pattern into the mix and you have a phone case that looks a lot more expensive than it actually was to DIY.


What DIY phone case is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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