Find Out What Type Of Vagina You Have!

In the grand scheme of life, the way your vagina looks doesn’t really matter. I mean, yeah, if it’s oozing weird discharge that smells off and it looks like you have a rash, you’ve got a problem and should go to a doctor. But if you’ve always had a vagina with long lips, it’s okay. If you’ve noticed that your lips seem to be “puffier” or “fatter” than the lips of a porn star you saw once, you’re fine. Just like any other body part, there are a lot of different types of vaginas, and everyone’s is different.  Every body is unique, which is pretty cool when you think about it. You will probably never meet anyone with a body just like you, which makes you ~one of a kind~. It’s cheesy but whatever, you get it.

This is easy to see with your outside physical appearance, but it’s harder to realize that when it comes to genital areas. You probably don’t really know what other people’s vaginas look like, since they are not super out in the open all the time, so the only type of vagina you have to reference is your own. You see “perfect” vaginas in porn or on celebrities, and you compare yourself to those unrealistic standards, which isn’t good! A few months ago we showed you five different types of vaginas, but upon further investigation, Cosmo UK thought that those weren’t specific enough, so there are now seven types of vaginas that you can identify with. Curious? Check them out and find out what type YOU are!

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