12 School Supplies Everyone Forgets To Buy

Going back to school is something that, in theory, shouldn’t really be all that complicated. Like, you know, you were on summer vacation for some time, and now you are not on summer vacation, and that’s that. You can go back to school without thinking too hard about it.

But, as you probably already is aware, going back to school is all that complicated. There are the mental calisthenics required to work up the courage to return to school, first of all, plus all of the back to school clothing shopping and friendship group maneuvering that comes with a new school year. One key complication? School supplies. Like, yeah, you probably have all of the basics down–your planner, your binders, your pencils–but you probably already know, somewhere in your mind, that when you show up on the first day, you’ll almost certainly experience that stomach-jolting feeling of having forgotten something. This is fine (Nothing is all that essential during the first week of school, and, besides, Amazon Prime exists for a reason!) but, all the same, it’s always best not to forget that one thing. So, check out these back-to-school supplies that everyone forgets to buy:

1. Hand sanitizer:


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You know what’s gross? Your school bathroom. You know what’s even more gross? That thing that happens at the end of the day when you go to wash your hands and find that every single soap dispenser in the bathroom is totally out of soap. Stick some hand sanitizer in your bag so you’re prepared for these situations.


2. A small spare notebook:


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Like, not one that you’re going to use for class. This should be a smaller notebook that you keep separate from most of your other notes to keep track of your extracurricular activities or other things your teachers tell you to buy in your first week.


3. A spare folder:


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To use as storage for all of the  syllabi (syllabuses? syllabi) you’ll get during the first week, and to continue using as storage for those random pieces of paper you don’t really know what to do with throughout the year.


4. A mini stapler:


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Just in case you go to print out a paper in the library right before class starts…only to find that


5. A hole puncher:


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In case you have a teacher who doesn’t hole-punch their papers but requires you to keep everything in a three-ring binder.


6. A pack of #2 pencils:


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Sure, someone will probably lend you one if you forget them on exam day. But it’s always better to have your own on hand when you need one.


7. A coin purse:


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When I was in high school, I, for whatever reason, literally never had money on me. So, if I ever forgot to bring my lunch to school, I was screwed and had to beg off of my friends. (JK. I called my mom and she would come and drop it off in the office even though she was mad at me. But you get the idea.) Anyway, keeping a small coin purse or wallet with a couple dollars in it in your bag or locker can be great just in case you need it for lunch or snack throughout the day.


8. A water bottle:


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Don’t rely on the school water fountain to maintain your hydration.


9. A pack of tissues:


Buy these for $6.99 from Amazon

If you catch a cold, your choice of tissue options will basically be the 1-ply toilet paper in the bathroom, which isn’t exactly ideal. Keep your own tissues so your nostrils won’t be rubbed raw.


10. Pads and tampons:


Buy these for $3.84 from Walmart

You know. Just in case.


11. A sweatshirt to keep in your locker:


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I don’t know about yours, but my high school was basically freezing, like, all the time. This meant that forgetting a sweater or sweatshirt would make me distracted all day, simply because I was so cold. To prevent this, keep a sweatshirt in your locker. (This is also good to have on hand if your school is strict about dress codes and you wear a tank top one day.)


12. Tide To Go:


Buy this for $5.99 from Target

Spills happen! Don’t let them ruin your day.


Are you going back to school soon? Do you have any school supply suggestions? Let us know in the comments!

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