15 Genius School Bullet Journal Ideas To Keep You Organized This Semester

Bullet journals are all about staying super, super organized, and September is one of the two months of the year where you really work hard at being on top of your life (January is the other month, in case you were wondering). If you’re going back to school, September is the time when you really feel dedicated to getting yourself together. You’re excited about your new school supplies, you want to start off on the right foot when it comes to homework and studying, and you feel ready to kick ass this semester. Your intentions are good, so why not use that to your advantage, and make some school bullet journal layouts that will really help you stay organized?

If you’ve never used a bullet journal, then now is the perfect time to start. They’re fun to create, because they involve coloring and doodling, but they’re also incredibly helpful. It’s so much easier to have all of your information and tracking in one spot rather than several different mediums. Bullet journals are especially great for students because there is so much you need to remember or make note of. It’s not just about making to-do lists! Here are some of the best school bullet journal ideas that will inspire you to stay organized AF this semester:

1. A Checklist:



Start off right now with a little checklist for everything you need to do before classes start this semester. It will still be useful when classes start, since you more than likely won’t complete everything – but at least you tried!


2. A Weekly Schedule



Create a page dedicated to an easy-to-read version of your weekly schedule, including even things that aren’t about class or school. I love how this one is color coded with a little key.


3. A Timetable 



You can also make timetables for each day with your school schedule written down. I love how these are made in little clocks. They’re cute to look at, easy to make, and will still keep you organized.


4. Assignment Tracker



You could write your assignments on separate pages every day, or you could keep one giant assignment tracker. This helps you keep track of what you finished and what still needs to be done – and can remind you of things you might have otherwise forgotten about.


5. Grade Tracker



Keeping an eye on your grades can really help you throughout the semester – it allows you to easily see where you need to improve and where you’re dong okay. I love how this layout is separated into homework, quizzes, and exams.


6. Study Tips



Dedicate one page of your bullet journal to your most helpful study tips. Whenever you’re struggling, read it over to remember what works the best. I like how this one is simple and to the point.


7. Study Plan 



Use one page to keep track of what you should be studying each day. It’s a good way to remember your larger goals and to remind yourself that little things need to be done every day, even if you have no homework or exams.


8. Daily Routine



You have other stuff going on besides class and school work! Remember that with a page dedicated to your daily routine – the things you have to do every day, no matter what. I love how this one has little drawings to make it more fun.


9. Study Timetable



This is another way to keep track of the schoolwork that needs to be done every day. This one is slightly more detailed!


10. Fall Semester Overview



If you get a syllabus for each class, keep the info all in one place on a page dedicated to the big assignments that need to be done throughout the fall semester. I love how this one is color coded because it makes things so much better.


11. School Supplies List



Use this list in the beginning of the semester or throughout to keep track of everything you need for the class – that way, you don’t forget anything.


12. Attendance Tracker



If you really want to be super organized, you can make an attendance tracker. It will help remind you of the days you took off and the times you came in late. That info might be helpful at some point!


13. Self-Care Page



School is hard! Give yourself a self-care page to remind you how to relax. It’s also a good spot to write down things you can do that will make you feel good.


14. Budget Tracker



Get better with your money situation by tracking how much money you spend and what you need to spend throughout the semester. This is particularly helpful if you’re in college.


15. Procrastination Log



It might seem silly to track procrastination, but it can actually be helpful in teaching you how to deal with it. I like how this page allows you to also track when you’ve been productive so that it’s not too negative.


Which one of these bullet journal layouts are you going to try? How do you stay organized in school? Share in the comments.

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