8 Easy Ways To Make Friends In College If You’re Shy

There are a number of things to stress out about in college. The massive student loans and never seeming to have enough cash are two big things. But there are lots of other concerns like figuring out how to study effectively, figuring out your schedule, and balancing work and play. On the social end of the spectrum, making friends is a concern.

For most of us, we’re going away to college and without knowing a soul. While that can be a bit thrilling, it can also be intimidating AF. There’s no best friend, no casual acquaintance, no familiar faces. And it’s up to you to turn those strangers into good friends. It’s nerve-wracking for all of us, but it’s that much worse for shy girls. I get it, ladies. Putting yourself out there is scary. That being said, there’s no need to stress out too much, because everyone is in the same boat. And everyone wants to make friends. Think about it: There are very few people who want to spend the next four years alone.

As tempting as it may be, stop texting your BFF from home, and get out there to meet some new friends. To make the experience less painful, check out some easy ways shy girls can make friends in college. Good luck!

Take Advantage Of Clubs

Organized activities equal great ways to make friends. First of all, they do all the organizing for you. Second, the people there already have something in common with you. Therefore, it's easy to strike up a conversation about what you're doing. And after a couple sessions of doing that, you can normally decide who would be fun to hang out with outside of that club.

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Try A Study Group

Study groups are meant to be about studying, but that doesn't mean your study buddies are strictly for studying. You might want to hang out with some of them post-chemistry review. Just make sure that you don't try to socialize during your study group because that will probably not be appreciated by anyone.

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Go To Orientation Activities

Don't dismiss college orientation activities as super lame. Some of them show you important things that will make your first week of school so much easier. Not to mention that there will be a lot of other nervous freshman looking to make friends. You'll be surprised what a bonding activity undoing a human knot can be. Ditto relay races, city tours, and pub nights.

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Remember Social Media

Stop tweeting complaints about your too-cold dorm shower and start using social media to find some new college friends. A quick Facebook search will probably reveal a lot of groups for your school. Join them. Then look for events posted online. You can chat with people who are going beforehand which will take some of the pressure off when you meet them IRL.

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Organize A Floor Activity

You have all of those people living on your residence floor with you and I promise they're not all strange. If your building or floor doesn't organize activities, make your own. It doesn't need to be anything major. Simply posting a sign in the common room asking people to watch the latest Game of Thrones episode will work.

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Chat To The Person You Sit Next To In Class

If you can walk into a classroom filled with 500 people, you can chat with the person next to you. There are lots of easy ice breakers to fall back on like *What is your major?* *Did you hear what the prof said about chapter one?* *Are you also taking the class on [insert similar course here]?*

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Use All Opportunities

College friends don't technically need to be people you meet at your college. Maybe there's a cool girl at your part-time job you'd like to get to know more. Or maybe you met someone at brunch that you'd like to hang out with. There could even be someone at a rival school that you met at an event. Keep your options open.

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Buddy Up With Your Roommates

Hopefully you will have one roommate that you have a lot in common with. As tempting as it is to latch onto them and have them be your one and only BFF, resist the urge. Instead, use your roomie as your buddy to make other friends with. Ask her to go to some events with you so you're not going alone. Then you can go around and make other new friends.

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Do you find it hard to make new friends? Let us know in the comments!

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