9 Horrible Lessons Disney Movies Taught Us

I was born in the ’90s, so I am obviously a fan of classic Disney movies. The music, the colors, the cute little animals (Thumper was my favorite) – they all make me think of my childhood. I’m sure they do for you, too. I associate every Disney movie with a time in my life: I had a Cinderella-themed bedroom at age four, and I had my Ariel obsession at age five, which made me join the swim team. I also wanted to dye my hair red, but my mom wouldn’t let me. Obviously, these movies had a huge impact on my life. But when I think about it, some of the things I used to LOVE about these movies are actually pretty questionable. Why do they always get with a man at the end? Why are they so YOUNG? And they never listen to their parents? Wtf?

I know I sound a little bit like a mom here, but listen: as someone who grew up watching these movies, I can say that some of the lessons they taught us are total BS. Sure, they are cute and fun to watch, but when you look about it from a different perspective, there is actually a lot of bad things rooted in these plotlines. I know it sucks to think about, but I came across a Reddit thread that perfectly explains the issues with Disney movies. Check out some of the worst life lessons our favorite childhood movies taught us, and let me know if you agree.

Everything Always Works Out

Unfortunately, there aren't always "happy endings" IRL. As Throwaway99999 said, Disney taught us that "There's always a happy ending." In reality, a lot of things don't work out and we are left dealing with challenges. Sure, the prince might come and whisk you away, but that doesn't fix every problem in your life. It's important that we realize that.

Image Source: Cinderella

....Even When You Mess Up

Sometimes, messing up isn't that bad. In the case of Disney movies, messing up actually makes things better for you. As pinkpugita said, " I always consider Ariel to be a bad role model. She is irresponsible and missed a party thrown for her at the beginning of the story. Her father was justified to not trust humans because they eat fish, but she has a massive crush on one so screw that. Then she made a deal with Ursula, endangered her whole kingdom. Yet instead of owning up to her mistakes and apologizing she still gets rewarded at the end." True, these princesses rarely ever get in trouble and just end up falling in love and having an extravagant wedding. NOT realistic.

Image Source: The Little Mermaid

Marrying A Man You Barely Know Is Fine

PSA: A MAN WILL NOT SAVE YOU. Of course, not all Disney movies are like this- the more recent ones like Moana and Brave don't have this storyline - but so many of the movies we grew up watching ended with a marriage of a woman to a man she hardly knew. As xandrenia said, "A woman's happily ever after always involves a marriage to a man she barely knows." You don't need a man to be happy, girls. Like, seriously!

Image Source: Sleeping Beauty

If You're Ugly, You're Evil

What is with the conventionally pretty people being the "good" ones, while people with moles and big noses are bad, huh?! Microwave_head said, "That ugly people are evil or bad and good looking people are good." This is VERY true, if you think about it. It's also the same with slightly overweight people being dumb or stupid, while the thin people are smart and nice.

Image Source: Cinderella

You Don't Get In Trouble For Messing Up

Unnamednamesake said, "You don't have to take accountability for your actions. Murder is okay if you really dislike the person. Being reckless will pay off in the long run." All of these happen in Disney movies, which is just ridiculous. It shows that nobody ever gets in trouble (unless they are "ugly!") and it's okay to be reckless. This isn't true!

Image Source: Mulan

Wild Animals Are Totally Safe

HONESTLY, this is a huge one. Wild animals and rodents are not cuddly and cute friends. They are animals, and they can be very dangerous. As Rikeromega3 said, "That non domesticated carnivorous animals are friendly and loveable creatures and not wild animals that kill things with their faces." Animals ARE dangerous, and even though we might think they are our friends, they really aren't.

Image Source: The Lion King

Everybody's Parents Are Dead

This is just a weird thing that Disney movies do: they always have a dead parent. As TerpBE said, "If you want to live happily ever after, you better make sure at least one of your parents is dead."  I'm not saying that it's not common, since it is, but every single Disney movie only has one parent. It would be interesting to see a pair of divorces parents, or even a same-sex couple, right?

Image Source: Finding Nemo

Looks Are The Most Important Thing

The most important thing in a relationship can be a number of things -  communication, trust, respect, etc. Looks are important but not the most important thing when it comes to a relationship. But, Disney movies make it seem that way. SporadticMouse said, "According to The Little Mermaid, looks are what's important when establishing a relationship." She doesn't even SPEAK and Eric falls in love with her. How?!

Image Source: The Little Mermaid

Prince Charming Is Out There

This is important. Crembels makes a really good point here: "The very idea of 'Prince Charming' being out there waiting for you. Teaching girls that unless a guy sweeps you off your feet in the first 10 seconds, treats you like a princess and dotes on you always then he doesn't really love you. Relationships take time, effort and compromise to develop into something worthy of being called 'love.' What is being mistaken for 'love' is actually just lust." It's dangerous to teach young girls that all the need to do is "wait" for a man to save them.  Instead, we need to teach them that they don't need to be "saved" and they can protect themselves.

Image Source: Snow White

What Disney lesson is the worst one? Tell us in the comments!

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