17 Cool Behind The Ear Tattoos Every Girl Should See

When you think about discrete places for a tattoo, what do you think of? I think about an ankle or foot, or maybe even on your wrist. But what is often overlooked is the idea of a tattoo behind your ear. I know it sounds silly since you can’t even see it, but you do know it’s there, which is pretty important. It’s sort of like your own little secret tattoo: you know it’s there, but other people don’t unless you show it to them (or unless you don’t have hair to cover it). In a way, it’s perfect for your first tattoo, or a tattoo to hide for a few years until you move out of your house and your mom doesn’t see you all the time. Don’t worry, I get it, which is why I am a big supporter of the ear tattoo.

Sure, it’s a little scary to get a tattoo over there, since it can be a little painful. But as long as it’s tiny and discrete, you shouldn’t be in that much pain, since it won’t take that much time to do. I’m sure if you can handle an ear piercing you can handle a tattoo needle over there. If you think you’re ready for a behind-the-ear tattoo, take a look at these cute and tiny ones that you should get. I mean, after all, you only have two ears, so you have to choose wisely.

1. These pretty birds:


2. Or your sign!

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3. This cute fox:


4. This delicate rose!

Teeny ear rose tattoo i made Emma last week??

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5. This space tattoo!:


6. A pretty moon:


7. This super discret leaf:


8. Or this simple lotus flower:


9.A cute cat tatt!:

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10. This more intense mandala tattoo:


11. This Peter Pan tattoo:


12. These colorful flowers:


13. This musical bird:


14. A cute sun:


15. A pretty feather:

Little feather for silje

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16. An abstract triangle:


17. A simple moon:

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Which tattoo would you want?  Tell us in the comments!

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