9 Ways To Make Getting Up Early For School Easier

There are very few of us who would classify ourselves as morning people. And for the few that are, they’re probably not reading this because they have genes that allow them to take on the day at 6AM/are robots that are programmed to function at all hours. For the rest of us, we need to figure out ways to wake up ASAP and reasonably function, especially on school days.

In my dream world, we could all learn about Romeo & Juliet and hypotenuse triangles only after we’ve had our leisurely breakfasts and we feel 99.99 percent awake. Alas, that is not reality. We have a set time we have to be in class, and we’re pretty much forced to remember those quotes and angles regardless of how awake we actually are.

Considering that we have to drag ourselves through the routine five days a week for most of the year, we need all the help we can get. Even if you’re not a morning person, try these tips and they will hopefully make getting up earlier in the mornings easier for you.

Try To Go To Bed At The Same Time Every Night

Going to bed whenever isn't the best technique because it messes with your body. Instead of staying up late one night then going to bed early the next, try to have a set time you go to bed. Yes, even on weekends. Similarly, try to stick with getting up at the same time every day. When your body is in a routine, you might find you don't even need an alarm.

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Start The Day Off With A Positive Affirmation

Don't ignore this and think I've gone all *mystical* on you. Most of our immediate reactions when we wake up are to bury our heads in our pillows and pray for it to magically be Saturday. Instead of the weekday angst, try thinking something positive. Are you seeing bae today? Do you get to hand in a new assignment? When all else fails, count down the number of days you have left until the weekend.

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Don't Sleep In Until The Last Possible Second

It might seem like a smart strategy to try and get in as many winks as possible, but it can backfire. If you have to run out of bed like a maniac and you're stressing try to make it into school before that final bell rings, you're going to be mentally and physically exhausted before you even get to chemistry class.

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Don't Rely On Caffeine

Some of us think of caffeine as a lifesaver, but TBH it can sometimes make things worse because you have the caffeine spike then the big crash. And when you crash, you're going to want more caffeine. See how it just creates a vicious cycle?

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Don't Be Glued To Electronics Until You Go To Sleep

Yeah, I know it's a lot easier to say this one than actually do it. Telling someone to put down their phone for five minutes is like asking a dog not to chew a bone. However, it's in your best interest to give this one a try. The light from screens actually throws our bodies off by making them think it's not evening which can make it harder to fall asleep. And going to bed later means it's even more of a challenge to get up in the morning.

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Have A Shower

There are benefits to showering at night, like having one less thing to do in the morning. However, popping into the shower and sniffing an invigorating fruit shampoo can make waking up a little easier. Plus, everyone feels better when they're clean, right?

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Get Active

If you're not a morning person, you're probably laughing hysterically at the thought of going on a morning jog before school. I get it. That may be a step too far for a lot of us, but any sort of movement can help wake you up. Walk to school. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Even try doing some stretches when you're in your PJ's.

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Think About Your Alarm

Do you loathe the sound of your alarm? Have you ever considered switching it? Try a different ringtone on your phone or do away with the alarm entirely. There are fancy light clocks that wake you up. And some smart tech bracelets and watches vibrate to wake you up. You could even ask one of your parents or roomies to get you out of bed. Just make sure that you choose a reliable method and something that you don't run the risk of sleeping through.

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Have Breakfast

Don't tell me you're not hungry in the morning. You might just have to train yourself to be. Food is fuel and when you have some fuel, you will be energized. If you really can't handle solid foods before noon, try a smoothie bowl or juice.

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Do you find getting up for school to be a major challenge? Let us know in the comments!

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