15 Cool Ways To Decorate Your Room For Fall

It’s August. And, if you are anything like me, you’ll know that this means pretty much just one thing–that it’s time to start getting ready for fall. Now, of course, I know that this technically a little premature. It’s still hot out. The leaves aren’t changing. Autumn doesn’t officially start until September 22, which means that there is a pretty sizeable chunk of time before it’s actually fall.

But. No disrespect to the Leo population, but I think that most people can agree that August, on the whole, is sort of a useless month. It’s basically just a hot, muggy, preamble to the school year that involves a lot of staying in and watching Netflix because you’re not over vacation, necessarily, but you’re certainly over the heat.

And, what’s more, August always goes by super fast, which means that fall will be here sooner than most of us could ever suspect. Basically? If you’re the kind of person who decorates your room based on the season, you should have started decorating your room for fall, like,  yesterday. So, if you’re already pumped for fall, check out these cool ways to decorate your room for the season:

1. Hang fake leaves in your room:


Love all the piles of leaves outside? Bring them in (minus all the, like, bugs and vermin that are probably inside the piles) by buying some fake leaves and placing them above your windowsill. You can buy leaves from Amazon or Michael’s.


2. Hang a branch on the wall and string fake leaves along it:



This is a great option if you don’t have a windowsill that you can hang things from.


3. Put fall accents all around your desk :



And, if you need an extra boost, set some foliage as your desktop background.


4. Have a lot of acorns in your backyard? Paint them gold: 



It’s deceptively simple (all you need to do is paint them gold, let them dry, and stick them in a vase or jar as decoration) but it looks so very extra.


5. Of course, if you want to go absolutely ham, you can just fill up your room with Jack-o-Lanterns:



You can go the full mile and actually carve them out, or just draw some faces on them. Either way, make sure to light a lot of candles to give the room a eprfectly spooky glow.


6. Or, if you’re in college, where candles aren’t technically “allowed,” put some orange-tinged fairy lights up:



The lights can stay up year-round, but you can change the lights depending on the season.


7. Or some orange tassels:



This DIY is super simple, and it’s subtle enough to keep up year round, too. (You know, if you really like orange.)


8. Or these cute lil tassels:



Again, tassels are super cute year round, and these ones aren’t so ostentatious that they have to be Halloween-specific. What makes them Halloween-specific, of course, are the Halloween signs and Jack-o-Lantern pillows.


9. Put some leaves in a vase:



The sign that goes behind it is cute, too, since it uses an unexpected pop of teal that isn’t typically used in fall imagery.


10. Or, for something more glitzy, these glitter-covered leaves:



To make them, coat leaves in glue and dip them in glitter. Then, use a hole puncher to string a ribbon through it and hang them up wherever you need a pop of color.


11. Put an orange lantern by your bed:



This is cozy AF and, obviously, easy to do.


12. Put a cobweb garland above your window:



This makes the room look spooky, but not, you know, too spooky. Plus, you can basically leave your room as is when you put it up.


13. Not into traditional fall imagery? Try this pastel pumpkin DIY:pumpkin-diy


This is cute, obviously, and also super easy to make–all you need is Modge Podge, confetti, and a white pumpkin.


14. Or, you know, just go for it:



Just take every Halloween-related thing in your house and put it in your room. Somehow, it’ll look good.


15. Like, really go for it:



We promise!


Are you already excited for it to be fall? Are you going to decorate your room? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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