17 Of The Most Ridiculous Graphic Tees You Can Buy At Forever 21 Right Now

Not to be a hater or anything–okay, I’m going to be a total hater–but I think that graphic tees are really hit or miss…mostly miss. Like anyone else, I have some graphic tees that I absolutely adore, shirts with cute little slogans on it that I love getting compliments on.

It me, with a Mitski inspired graphic tee! Offbeatorbit @ Instagram

It me, with a Mitski inspired graphic tee! | Offbeatorbit @ Instagram

But some graphic tees are better than others on that front. There’s a difference between a graphic tee that makes you think or professes a bold statement, and one that just says “TACOS” on it in big letters. It’s the latter kind that is infiltrating every clothing store lately, and it’s getting ridiculous.

Listen, I like tacos. I’m a Californian, it’s in my blood. But you’d be hard pressed to get me to actually wear a top that says, like, “TACO BABE” on it. And yet, it’s impossible to go to a store and not see a perfectly good t-shirt ruined by these ridiculous little slogans that are at best slightly immature and at worst incredibly corny. It’s like it’s impossible to buy a plain black t-shirt anymore unless it says something like, “CUTIE” or “HOT MERMAID” or something. Ugh, no thanks. One of the worst perpetrators of this trend comes from retail giant Forever 21, and it’s starting to drive people nuts.

Want more proof of how out-of-control this trend is? Check out these 17 ridiculous graphic tees that you can actually buy at Forever 21. No offense in advance if you’re actually like tops that say “” on them…but we’re reserving the right to throw a little side eye at Forever 21 for doing the absolute most.


1. Feminist Graphic Distressed Tee

Feminist Graphic Distressed Tee Forever 21

Hell yeah. Nothing says fighting oppression and defying patriarchal standards like a shirt with a bunch of holes in it.

Buy it for $25.


2. Girl Power Graphic Tee

Forever 21 Girl Power Graphic Tee

This looks random enough when it is partially obscured, but when you look closely…

girl power graphic tee forever 21

…It’s even worse. Who are these girls? What does “you make me happy” have to do with girl power? What the hell lis going on here? I hate this LOL.

Buy it for $12.53.


3. Slay Girl Slayyyy Graphic Tee

Slay Girl Slayyyy Graphic Tee Forever 21

This shirt would have almost been cool in, like, 2014. But now it just feels like something your mom would say after you get a good grade on your math test because she thinks it’s really hip.

Buy it for $8.90.


4. Double Tap Graphic Tee

double tap graphic tee Forever 21

An eagle with the words “double tap” above it. Like, double tap if you love eagles? Double tap if you love America? Either way, this is so tacky I can’t handle it.

Buy it for $15.90.


5. Proud Bleach Splatter Tee

proud supporter messy buns sweatshirts bleach splatter tee Forever 21

When is somebody going to have to break it to these girls that nobody gives a damn if you wear a messy bun and sweatpants? You aren’t oppressed.

Buy it for $17.90.


6. Hot Sauce Graphic Ringer Tee

Hot Sauce Graphic Ringer Tee Forever 21

Like, okay? I guess?

Buy it for $9.03.


7. Distressed Punk Graphic Tee

Distressed Punk Graphic Tee Forever 21

Pretty sure people who identify as punk wouldn’t wear a shirt that says punk on it. But aight, Forever 21.

Buy it for $13.93.


8. Pnk Graphic Distressed Tee

Pnk Graphic Distressed Tee Forever 21

For those days when you want to make sure everyone knows that your pink shirt is a pink shirt.

Buy it for $14.90.


9. The Future Is Woman Graphic Tee

The Future Is Woman graphic tee Forever 21

Hey, so let’s talk about how this “The Future Is Woman” top is a shameless rip off of those “The Future Is Female” tops sold by Otherwild, which are based off of a design from 1972.

the future is female t-shirt otherwild

Forever 21 scams looks all the time. SMDH.

Buy it for $18. Or, buy the original inspo top at Otherwild for $30 where 25 percent of sale proceeds are donated to Planned Parenthood.


10. It’s Taco Time Graphic Tee

its taco time graphic tee Forever 21

IDK what’s worse: The vintage illustration on this ugly tie-dyed top? The weird mix-matched font? Why…does this exist?

Buy it for $15.90.


11. American Graphic Lace Dress

American Graphic Lace Dress Forever 21

American didn’t tour in 1997. In fact, American isn’t even a band. This is a fake band tee with some lace slapped on it so that it can maybe pass as the length of a mini dress. Why would you wear a band top for a band that doesn’t exist? Come on.

Buy it for $17.90.


12. Reue En Rose Graphic Sweatshirt

Reue En Rose Graphic Sweatshirt Forever 21

They tried to get fancy with some French, but as far as I know this phrase doesn’t really mean anything. You’re literally wearing nonsense if you cop this top.

Buy it for $22.90.


13. No Thank You Cropped Sweatshirt

No Thank You Cropped Sweatshirt Forever 21

This top is having a damn identity crisis. Does it want to be a sweatshirt or a lace top? A deep v-neck t-shirt? PLEASE, WHAT DOES IT WANT TO BE? The cute lil’ rose doesn’t make up for this ridiculous design.

Buy it for $15.90.


14. Boyfriend Graphic Top

Boyfriend Graphic Top Forever 21

This might have been more clever if it was on an actual t-shirt instead of a sweatshirt. But okay.

Buy it for $12.53.


15. Sorry Not Sorry Sweatshirt

sorry not sorry sweatshirt Forever 21

I just…nobody cares, sis.

Buy it for $11.13.


16. Cute But Crazy Graphic Tee

cute but crazy graphic tee Forever 21

This top says “Cute but crazy inside.” Cue eye roll. Variations of this phrase have been plastered on t-shirts for decades, but can we please retire it already? Making mental illness into some wacky quirk that somehow counters being cute is absurd anyway.

Buy it for $12.90.



17. Mermaid Squad Tee

mermaid squad tee Forever 21

Okay, the actual design of this shirt is just bad, but also? Enough with the mermaid stuff. You’re not a mermaid. You’ll never be a mermaid. You are not part of a squad of mermaids. Liking the beach doesn’t make you a mermaid. Move on.

Buy it for $12.90.



What do you think of tops like this? Yay or nay? Tell us in the comments!

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  • İpek

    I find articles like this irritating. Like, yeah some of these shirts are very weird and bad looking in my opinion, but obviously there are people who like them and what this article is doing is just bashing those people. Yeah no one is a mermaid, but them wearing stuff that says ‘mermaid squad’ isn’t harming anyone. Not liking these shirts are okay but liking them is also okay. It’s also not nice to say things like ‘move on’ on a trend. If you don’t like these, that’s fine, but making a whole post about why they’re tasteless according to YOU is very bad. These don’t have harmful sayings on them, so they’re all okay. Everyone likes different things. I’m rambling but what i mean is just let people be. You don’t have to buy these shirts, you don’t have to shop in Forever 21 and believe me, there are still plenty of plain shirts to buy.