8 Sex Mistakes You’ll Make During Your Freshman Year Of College

I’ve long believed that the idea that college is a 24-hour sex fest is super exaggerated. It’s not like the only thing people will do in the spare time is hook up, and around 20 percent of students graduate college as virgins. So, yeah, it’s not like some kind of sex den. But still…sex happens in college. Like, a lot of it. And guess what? There’s a good chance that you–yes, you–will be one of those people having sex in some way, shape, or form during your college years.

Whether you’re ready to have plenty of hookups or you’re not ready to rush into anything, the fact remains that your first year of college–freshman year–will probably be a formative time for your sex life in some way, shape, or form. It’ll also probably be the year that you make some seriously silly sex mistakes that you’ll learn from over the next few years. But we’re here to help you avoid some of those mistakes from the jump. Check out these eight sex mistakes you’ll make in your freshman year…unless you take our advice, that is.

Assuming A Hookup Will Mean Something More

Maybe that was your experience in high school, even if the relationship that followed was always super short lived. In college? Yeah, you can't bet on that. Ever. In fact, there will probably be plenty of times in which you hook up with someone who will spend the rest of the school year--hell, maybe even the next few years--pretending that you don't exist. Yep, even when they pretend not to see you on campus. So protect your heart, but know that if you're horny and someone else is horny and you two do some horny stuff...nothing is guaranteed for the future.

Freaks And Geeks

Not Warning Ahead Of Time That You'll Need To Borrow The Room For An Hour Or So

Yo, it's the 21st century. It takes two effing seconds to text your roommate and give them a heads up that you'll need to borrow your room for a little bit for a hookup. Even if it's last minute, that's way better than taking a risk of them walking in on you two in the act.

Fresh Meat

Not Taking Advantage Of All The Free Condoms

Listen, in college there is no excuse for either you nor your hookup partner to not have condoms on hand. There are free condoms everywhere in college. I mean everywhere. You cannot avoid them. They're always for free at the student clinic or health center, and I assure you that nearly every on campus organization holding some rager will have them on hand too. So, yeah, no excuse, guys. Get with it.


Not Exploring Your Sexuality

If you realized that you're under the LGBTQ umbrella in high school but never really felt safe enough acting out those desires, you might have a lot more luck doing that in college. So you'd be really putting yourself at a disadvantage if you actively didn't bother exploring your sexuality in a space in which you have more freedom to be yourself. Join on campus organizations, figure out where the queer hang outs are, and have fun with this new stage of your life and all the drama that comes with it.

Blue Is The Warmest Color

Becoming Your Roomie's Number One Enemy

Listen, more power to you if you end up having a regular stream of hookups. But try not to always host them in your room, the room that you share with someone. Even the most chill roommate doesn't want to always hear you going at it, okay? You wouldn't want to be forced to hear your roomie always hooking up, especially without a heads up, right? Right.

The To-Do List

Not Figuring Out Your Roommate's Schedule So You Can Plan Some Alone Time Without Interruption

People focus so much on having sex but never on masturbation in college. Yes, it's awkward to navigate, but the best way to do it is to figure out your roommate's schedule. When you know when they'll be out, you can manage to slip in some one-on-one time without much worry. Failing to do this will lead to some seriously awkward moments that you'll probably want to avoid.

Slums of Beverly Hills

Not Preparing For Small College Sex Dynamics

I'm not going to discourage you from hooking up to your heart's content if you go to a small university, but you should know that there are dynamics of hookup culture at smaller schools that just don't exist at larger universities. I have a friend who attended a pretty small school who said that you pretty much end up having sex with entire friend groups because there just, you know, aren't a ton of options. So, yeah, you're going to have to be pretty chill with the idea that your sex life might be pretty well known among small groups of your entire student body. If you can't handle that, then you might have to be a lot more picky about who your sex partners are and who they associate with.

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Rushing To Have Sex In The First Place

Remember how I said that 20 percent of college grads never have sex in college? Yeah, well, I'm part of that statistic. It wasn't on purpose, it just sort of happened, and it's...really not the end of the world. Do no--I repeat, do not--feel like you need to have sex with just anyone if you'd rather take a while to find someone you're comfortable with. Don't feel like you're a weirdo if you're the only person on your floor who isn't hooking up. I assure you that, A, you're not the only one; and B, nobody gives an eff about your sex life anyway. So do you.


If you’ve already been there, done that, what other mistakes do you think belong on this list? Tell us in the comments!

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