7 Amazing Masturbating Positions If You’re Doing It In Bed

If you’re going to masturbate, chances are good that you are probably going to do it in your bed. There is nothing wrong with that, of course, since it’s a private place for you to ~hang~ and get it on with yourself. It’s also comfy AF!  The only issue is that it could potentially get a little boring. Not boring in the sense that you don’t want to get it on with yourself, but boring in a way that might make you want to try out some new positions. If you’re feeling this way, don’t worry, since there are ways to spice up your self-love without having to do anything too drastic.

When getting it on in your bed, there are actually a ton of options for how you do it. I know it might not SEEM like it, since all you do is lay down and touch ~down there~ but there are different variations on how you can touch down there. And it really does make a difference, believe it or not! You might try one of these ideas and experience your new favorite masturbating position. Interested? Good, take a look at these easy masturbating positions for doin’ it in your bed.

Are you going to try any of these positions? Tell us in the comments!

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