8 Harry Potter Characters You Forgot Existed

I know that, as a generation, we can all relate to the fact that we can name at least 50 Harry Potter characters off the top of our heads, if not more. I mean, half of them are Weasley’s, so it’s pretty easy. We all know the main characters, of course, but there are a LOT of characters in J.K. Rowling’s universe that are kind of easy to forget. Supposedly, the number is somewhere around 800, but I’m not going to count for myself since I don’t have that kind of patience. I’m sure you could name at LEAST a hundred of those, right? Maybe 200? If you’re curious, you can test your luck here. But anyway, back to the topic of today’s post: forgotten HP characters.

I know there are the ~side characters~ like Percy Weasley  and Cho Chang that are often overlooked, but still given a lot of book and screen time. But there are hundreds of other characters who are actually important, but rarely ever get mentioned in a casual Harry Potter conversation. I mean, we all have those, right? I decided to dig a little deeper into the HP universe and find the little known characters what we all, at one point, knew, but might have forgotten over the years. See if you can recognize them!

Which is your favorite lesser-known character? Tell us in the comments!

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