15 Reasons You Should Stop Using Foundation

Don’t pick up that foundation brush just yet. I know that it’s probably a force of habit. You do it every single day, just like brushing your teeth, right? So, you probably don’t even give it much thought. Well, I’m going to ask you to think about it today. And I’m going to ask you to think about not using foundation.

I know, I know you’ve probably become pretty attached to that foundation. Makeup tutorials have made us think that applying eight different products to our skin is completely normal so the thought of not applying any foundation might seem pretty bonkers. That’s why I’m asking you to have an open mind about it. Because, there are actually some great reasons why you might want to stop using foundation…or at the very least, give your skin a break every so often. Here are 15 good reasons why you should stop using foundation.

1. Concealer can do just as good of a job by itself.


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Think about it: Do you really need to cover your entire face with foundation? Or are there just a few areas you’d like to even out? If you agree with the second one, concealer might be a better option for you.


2. You don’t have to worry about color matching.



Finding the right foundation color is hard. And just when you think you’ve found it, you will realize that it isn’t quite right after you look at a photo of yourself. Sigh. Then there’s the fact you have to keep updating your shade whenever you get a tan. Stop worrying completely and put that foundation bottle down.


3. You can show off your freckles better.



Even the sheerest of foundations still cover up those cute freckles around your nose. And drawing them on to emphasize them never looks as good. When you go au naturel, everyone can see your pretty freckles.


4. You’ll never have to worry about your face and neck not matching.



Argh. The dreaded head-on-the-wrong-body look is one of the worst things that can happen when you’re wearing foundation. Avoid the problem altogether by ditching foundation entirely.


5. Your breakouts could improve.



There are a lot of amazing foundations nowadays that are formulated for acne-prone skin, but your foundation could still be causing pimples or blackheads—especially if it’s expired. Trying giving up your foundation and see if your skin improves.


6. There are other ways to even out skin.


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If you’re looking for coverage, don’t restrict yourself just to foundation. There are powders, CC creams, BB creams, tinted moisturizers, and blurring sticks. Try something else and you might just discover you like it more.


7. It will make you look less ghostly.



You know when you put on foundation, you have to add a lot of blush to your cheeks so you look less pale? When you’re not wearing foundation, your rosy cheeks are left uncovered so you always have a natural flush. That means you can skip the foundation and the blush. Woot.


8. Your skin texture could actually improve.



Like I said before, there are some great foundations out there, but they can still alter skin. Specifically, some of them can dry out skin. Try letting your skin breathe without foundation and you will probably notice your skin feeling softer and less tight.


9. You can show off your natural radiance.



Girl, you’ve got youth and health on your side. And those two things can make skin look as good as any highlighter can. Foundations can sometimes mask that natural glow, especially if they have a matte finish.


10. You will save so much time in the morning.



Applying foundation takes time. You have to blend it in with fingers, brushes, and blenders to get a flawless look. When you take that step out of your morning routine, you’ll be able to get out of the door faster.


11. You’ll save a lot of money.



Even if you’re buying drugstore foundations, they can get pretty expensive, especially if you’re using them every single day. Add in the fact all of the times you’ve bought formulas that you didn’t like or the wrong shades. That’s a lot of bank lost.


12. The tools you’re using to apply your foundation could be making your skin worse.



Did you think of this one? Even if you have a foundation that’s kind to skin, you could be ruining it with dirty makeup brushes, sponges, and blenders. Those things need to be washed after every use otherwise they build up bacteria and old makeup with can make your skin break out. And applying foundation with your fingers is no good either because those dirty digits can spread bacteria. Plus, the oil in them breaks the product down.


13. You’ll never have to worry about awkward marks on your face.



Ditch the foundation and say goodbye to glasses rings, random cracks around your mouth, blobs on your forehead, bare spots on your chin, and those weird marks you always get around your hairline and eyebrows.


14. It could be messing up your other beauty products.



Beauty is all about putting things on in the right order and wearing the right products. If you mix the wrong foundation with your concealer and blush, you could be messing up your entire makeup look. And it’s often only when you remove the product, that you realize how it was negatively impacting things.


15. Your skin is beautiful without makeup.



Don’t shake your head at me because I can see you. It’s true. You might not think it at times, but your skin is gorgeous without a drop of makeup. So, show off that natural beauty!


Do you wear foundation? Let us know in the comments!

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