15 Cute Decorations For Your Dorm Door

As I’ve stated before, I was never an RA while I was in college, but I did have a lot of respect for what they had to do. An RA (Resident Assistant) is in charge of a lot: controlling a bunch of college students intent on having as much fun as possible, making friends while at the same time enforcing annoying rules, and keeping track of their own schoolwork. Honestly, props to them! On top of all of that, they have to think of creative ways to decorate bulletin boards and doors. I mean, I guess they don’t have to, but good RA’s do this to make students feel more comfortable and happy, especially incoming freshmen.

At the beginning of each semester (or sometimes more often), RAs will decorate their resident’s dorm door with name tags. At some point, it became almost like a competition to see who could make the most unique door door decorationss. None of my RAs were particularly creative, so I got stuck with just a Post-It with my name on it. Other floors, however, had AWESOME door decs made with cool items and artwork that made me super jealous. Thinking about it now, I probably would have had some pretty awesome ideas when it came to door decs. If you’re an RA, or just looking for a cute way to decorate your dorm, take a look at these unique door decoration ideas:

1. This super Instagrammable flower:

Preparing for my team to arrive by crafting the good old reslife staples. #doordecs

A post shared by Erik Hamilton ✌ (@e_hamilton_) on

2. These CUTE otters:

I am OTTER-ly excited for this semester ? #ralife #doordecs

A post shared by Cailey Eryn Brown (@cailey_eryn) on


3. This Friends-themed dec:

I’m really digging my new door decs. ?? #ra #doordecs #friends

A post shared by Samantha Wilson (@wsusam) on

4. Some little pineapples:

Fall Door Decs! ? #mandyraedoesSA #reslife #GACRL

A post shared by Mandy Rae Fairbrother (@mandyrae38) on

5. Cacti are also very ~in~:


6. Fruit is a cute idea, too:


7. These candy-themed door decs are amazing:

8. Donuts are always an option:

Because donuts… #JustRAThings

A post shared by Brittany (@britty_bug) on

9. These lava lamps are ~groovy~ hehe:


10. You could also go super unique with some astronaut dinosaurs:

Finally done with all my door decs #dinonauts #dino #dinosaur #astronaut #doordecs #ra #rookie

A post shared by Megan Rhoby Dale (@meganrhobydale) on


11. These BEAUTIFUL golden leaves:

Hand lettering door decks for my residents ?#reslife #doordecs

A post shared by KRISTEN CALFEE -74lbs Down (@kristenislaughing) on

12. Or 3D deer:

Oh deer, oh deer it’s that time of year?✂️ #doordecs #reslife #whatthebearsdo

A post shared by Siana Vernot (@siana_danielle) on


13. Some “polaroids”:


14. Or Bob’s Burgers characters!:

My door decs for the first month of school ? #doordecs #RA #residentassistant #bobsburgers #doordecsfordays

A post shared by Sarah Creeden (@sarahcreeden) on

15. Some simple little potted plants:

‘Tis the season. One of my favorite duties as an RA #DoorDecs #RALife

A post shared by Carthage Students (@mycarthage) on

Which door dec is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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