WTF Is A Plandid Pose And Why Have You Been Seeing It All Over Instagram?

If you have an Instagram account–as many of us do–you will know that there is a fair amount of deceit and duplicity that goes into maintaining it. Like, if you want to be successful (well, successful in the conventional ways, which means more followers, more likes, and more engagement), you don’t use Instagram to present your life as it really is. Instead, you present your life as you would like others to see you. You only post photos of your most fun, most color-coordinated events, you use filters to make a selfie go from “fine” to “wow,” and you may even use some extra editing or FaceTuning features to ensure that the you your followers are seeing is truly your best you.

Another thing you probably do? The plandid. This is a portmanteau of “planned” and “candid,” and it’s used to describe that thing you do (and that everyone does) when you ask your friends to take a picture of you, but, like, to make it look like you totally didn’t know that the picture was happening. You know, like this:

Precious time with my oldest friend at the incredible @chevalblancrandheli ?

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You’ve done this, right? Of course you have! It’s an effective Instagram ploy, as it helps to give off the illusion that, not only is your life filled with joy and excitement, it is one that is so filled with joy and excitement that you cannot possibly take your own photos–you have to have someone else take candids of you. This is inauthentic, of course (I’d wager that a plandid takes more effort than a regular selfie), but it helps foster an illusion of authenticity on one’s page.

Now, the concept of the plandid is not, by any means, a new one. In fact, in many ways, it has its roots in the infamous eyes-up, “who me?” Myspace-style selfies of yore. But if there is anything that I love, it is a buzzy term for something that did not technically even need a name in the first place!

Not that I would know. I am the owner of what is perhaps the most poorly-curated Instagram account on the planet, and, coincidentally, I do not personally have any plandid photos. And maybe that is why I do not have more followers! Maybe this is a plandid? IDK!!!

I love vacation

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Gurl editor Jessica Booth has plandids aplenty, however:

(She says they are “LITERALLY [her] aesthetic.”)


As does pretty much every other beauty, fashion, and mommy blogger on Instagram:

mamas, this one's for you ❤️ have you ever felt "mom guilt"? okay, let's be real, YES ?? it started yesterday when i wasn't feeling good at all and had absolutely NO ENERGY. i'm not one to take naps but yesterday i snoozed on the couch for about thirty minutes ? we mostly stayed at home, played with dad, watched some of the movie secret life of pets (it's so good btw ?) and just chilled. i took bub to hang with his cousins at the park for ✌?hours, so we did get out but our schedule has been very active these days. the point of this long ass caption is, i know somedays are gonna be "off" and that's OKAY.. i completely understand that but when it happens it kinda sucks. us mamas have so much on our plate constantly and we each have a different story with our babes but we're all trying our best to be great examples for them and love on them unconditionally. i wanna encourage you to stay positive in times of "guilt" or on those "off" days. we're all here to uplift one another without judgement rather, with so much love cause mom-ing is hard af at times ???‍♀️? how do you deal? #shutthekaleup #elliottgreyogden

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It’s a great look! Candid, but not too candid! Planned, but not too planned! Amazing! So. Whether you’re in need of a way to boost your Instagram game or simply need a catch-all term to define what you have already been doing to boost your Instagram game, the plandid pose is the thing for you. Just don’t forget to use a hashtag.


Have you ever done this pose? How does it make you feel? Let us know in the comments!

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