15 Things That Explain You If You’re Always Embarrassed By Yourself

Over the past few years, I have managed to come to the conclusion that, unfortunately, everything is embarrassing. Going to school is embarrassing. Growing up is embarrassing. Going outside is embarrassing. Being a human who lives in the world is many things (including, you know, a privilege) but, mostly, it’s just a series of one form of mortification after the other.

Fortunately, if you have felt yourself cringing at everything you have ever done or ever will do, there are a lot of people who share this burden of perpetual embarrassment with you. And, as a small comfort, the fact that everything is embarrassing also means that everything is hilarious. You know, if you don’t think about it, like, right after you’ve turned off the lights in your room to finally go to bed. So, check out these things that explain you if you’re always embarrassed by yourself:

1. You* in elementary school:



2. You when you receive some unexpected attention:



3. You putting out a personal ad:



4. Your version of “bless you:”



5. You and your squad:



6. You making your mark on your friends:



7. You as a dog:



8. You expressing your sexuality:



9. You getting introduced to some new friends:



10. You flirting:



11. You in every social interaction, probably:



12. You talking to Grandma:



13. Just…you:



14. You thinking about making friends:



15. You every day of your life:


*Editor’s note: “You” really just means “me” for all intents and purposes in this post.

Do you relate to these memes? Which ones? Are you embarrassed about it?? Let us know in the comments!

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