10 Easy Looks To Rock For Flawless Summer To Fall Style

The time between the end of summer and the beginning of fall is the most confusing time, clothing wise. Your favorite stores are already filled to the brim with new fall clothes while summer staples are on clearance. It’s super hot one day but other days finally feel like fall is on the way. Mornings feel crisp and cool while the afternoon is sweltering. What’s one to do on the fashion front? Here’s the key: Smart layering and mixing and matching summer classics with fall favorites.

So don’t bury those slip dresses just yet, and start bringing out the light turtlenecks. Yes, really! Check out these 10 easy looks to rock for flawless summer to fall style. Perfect combinations for when the weather doesn’t quite know what it wants to do.

1. Slip Dress Layered Over A Top

shiny multicolored dress slip zara

Pair a slip dress over a thin long sleeved top or short sleeved t-shirt for the perfect layering look.

Buy this dress at Zara for $69.90.


2. Knitted Short Sleeved Top

robin top unif

Rock a knitted top for a little extra warmth on crisp days that don’t require multiple layers or any heavy duty outerwear.

Buy this to at UNIF for $62.


3. Turtleneck Tank

Silence and Noise Chainette Cropped Turtleneck Tank Top

The perfect in-betweener top that gives you the best of both worlds: A fall-friendly turtleneck and a summer friendly tank. Pair with anything from a mini skirt to your favorite skinny jeans.

Buy this top at Urban Outfitters for $49.


4. Airy Culottes

ASOS Clean Culotte with Side Split

Airy enough for a warm day but with a look that feels a little more falltime than those shorts you’ve been living in all summer long.



5. Pairing Socks With Mules And Open Toed Sandals


Pair your favorite open toed mules or chunky sandals with fun sucks to introduce a hint of colder weather without giving up your favorite summer shoes just yet.

Buy these shoes at Bando for $189.


6. Knee Socks And Oxfords Paired With Shorts, Skirts, Or Dresses

Lightweight Over-The-Knee Sock

Knee socks just aren’t summer friendly, but as the heat dwindles, they’ll start to make a lot more sense. Take advantage of them with a mini dress, skirt, or shorts before the weather gets too chilly!

Buy two knee socks at Urban Outfitters for $20.


7. Shorts Or Skirts With Boots

lenny top unif

I love boots, but I usually retire them in the summertime. Well, bring ’em out of retirement without retiring your summer staples of shorts and t-shirts with this look.

Buy these boots at UNIF for $158.


8. Breezy Jumpsuits

Weekday Jimi Short Sleeve Jumpsuit

Short sleeved jumpsuits were made for the end of summer and early fall, when your romper looks a little ridiculous but a long sleeved jumpsuit looks absolutely suffocating. A short sleeved option with long legs or culottes is a happy medium.

Buy this jumpsuit at ASOS for $66.50.


9. Sleeveless Mini Dress With Turtleneck

Zacro Sleeveless Shift Dress With Pleated Hem

Keep warm on top with a fun, airy look below. Keep your legs bare to make this look work; pair with tights when it really starts to get cold out.

Buy this dress at ASOS for $57.


10. Ankle Length Wide Leg Pants


When fall or winter starts, I usually stick to skinny jeans and leggings and warm tights to make sure my legs are cozy. Ankle baring pants? Not so much. That’s why they’re perfect for this time of year. It’s one of your last chances to wear ’em before it gets too cold! Pair with a breezy tank or t-shirt for a hint of summer.

Buy these pants at Uniqlo for $39.90.



What’s your go to back-to-school look? Tell us in the comments!

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