15 Ways To Decorate Your Dorm Without Ruining Your Walls

In case you haven’t noticed,  chic and minimalist bedrooms are very ~in~ right now. This makes sense, since they make you look a lot more put together than you actually are, which is pretty ideal for an 18-year-old college student. But, unfortunately, these decorations, while beautiful to look at, are not very practical for most college students. Example:



Yes, it’s very cute, but how the F did this person add shelves to their walls? They would have HAD to use a nail.  Same with those antlers!I don’t know about you, but my dorm walls were pretty flimsy, and I could barely hang anything without getting cracks and holes in them. The worst part is that the school would charge me for these “damages.” And they were NOT cheap. Most schools discourage you from using tacs, heavy-duty tape, and even nails on your wall. It makes sense, but it’s annoying, especially if you really want to make your room look chic and cozy. How trendy can you be with blank walls? It’s actually easier than you might think.

Yes, using a hammer and nail to build a shelf would be cool, but it’s not very practical. But you still want to be able to have some decor on your walls, and there are ways to do that without damaging the school’s property. If you want to have a pretty and elegant room without getting charged with damages, take a look at these easy ways to decorate your dorm room without ruining your walls and costing you money. 

1. Use washi tape.



Washi tape is SO easy to use and won’t damage your walls because it’s easy to stick and to take off. You can add them to be “frames” of photos and give your room a pop of color.


2. Make washi tape windows.



Make your room look like a cute Parisian cafe by adding some cute little windows and plants. It actually give the illusion that you AREN’T in your depressing dorm room! You can make a pretty summer scene when it’s winter out, to help remind you of the good times.


3. Make washi tape art.



These designs might be really hard to pull off, but look how cool it is! It really gives your room a whole new fancy affect and perfectly ties it all together.


4. Use washi tape to hang things.



You can hang some cute banners with washi tape, too! They will add some color and hold it in place. Plus, they will look a lit better than duct tape.


5. Use a wire grid.



You can also get a wire grid to lean against the wall, and then clip photos to it for this super chic and sophisticated look.


6. DIY your own chalkboard calendar.



You can cover masking tape in chalkboard tape for a DIY calendar that won’t ruin your walls. It will come off easily but you can customize it with chalk!


7. Use command tape.



This is a cute way to hang your tapestries: tape clothespins to a command strips so that you can easily clip them on and off!


8. Use a wall decal:


Urban Outfitters, $28

You can buy wall decals that can give you an awesome wallpaper-like effect but won’t do any damage. Plus, there are SO many to choose from.


9. You can get some write-on wall decals too!


Urban Outfitters, $25 

These are like little whiteboards where you can leave reminders and notes for you and your roomies!


10 . Use command hooks.



Command hooks are a MUCH better alternative to tacs, since they don’t leave any marks when you take them off. Look how cute this little shelf is!


11. You can use command hooks for lights too.



The lights can be strung in a ~cute~ drapey way.


12. Use some double sided tape.



Make sure it’s strong enough so that you can hang a corkboard like this on your wall!


13. You can also lean a corkboard against your wall.



This way, you won’t have to hang it at all, but you still get that easy way to show off your pictures.


14. Use decorative tape.



If you really want to hang posters but can’t use tacks, try decorative tape like this. It will add a unique pop of color.


15.  Use command hooks to hang tassels, too!



Just be sure to use string that can be easily taped, or use a command hook. It’s easy and looks chic.


Are you going to try any of these dorm decorations?  Tell us in the comments!

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