19 Easy DIY School Supplies That Are Cute AF

One thing I think we can all agree on is that the best thing about going to school is getting new school supplies. There’s something about empty notebooks, sharp pencils, and crisp folders that makes us ready for the change of a new school year, and maybe even a little bit excited about doing homework. This is especially true when your school supplies are adorable to look at. Sharpening a pencil becomes much more exciting when you have the cutest sharpener in the world, and taking notes is more fun when your notebook is nice enough for an Instagram photo. Cute school supplies are the best!

Unfortunately, they can also be pricey. There’s a whole market on twee supplies out there, and they’re making bank – think ban.do, Rifle Paper Co., and an entire Paper Source store. Fun school supplies aren’t always cheap, and they can add up fast. If you’re trying to save a little money, your best bet is to buy something basic, then upgrade it on your own – or to take some random items, and DIY them into something useful. If you want to get extra adorable this September, check out these DIY school supplies that are cute AF. They’re not very hard, and they’ll definitely make class more exciting!

1. DIY Graphic Pencil Cases



Instead of throwing pens and pencils into your bag and hoping you’ll be able to find one when you need it, get a designated pencil case. You can make it totally your own by following this easy tutorial. Personally, the glitter option is my favorite.


2. DIY Pineapple Sharpener



Who knew a Tic-Tac box could transform into something this adorable? This little project will give you a reason to start using pencils.


3. Upcycled Binder Clips



Keep everything organized with binder clips – and keep your binder clips looking chic AF with this simple DIY project.


4. DIY Lunch Bags



There’s no shame in bringing your lunch to school! Have fun with your food and save the environment at the same time by making these fun little reusable lunch bags out of duct tape.


5. DIY Unicorn Notebook



It doesn’t get much more fun and colorful than this unicorn notebook. Dress up a boring notepad for a more magical feeling.


6. DIY Palm Leaf Mini Folders 



Folders like these are ideal for holding loose papers that you don’t want to lose. There’s no reason they have to be boring, though – transform them with this easy palm print.


7. DIY Glitter Pencils



Snazz up your pencils with a touch of glitter. It’s a super simple project that makes taking notes a little more fun.


8. DIY Binder



Make your own cool binder to stay on top of everything, and to look cute while doing it.


9. DIY Bookmarks



Doing some reading for class? Keep your place with an adorable homemade bookmark instead of dogearing the page. It’s more fun that way!


10. DIY Emoji Locker Magnets



Keep everything neat in your locker by using a lot of magnets – and make them way more fun by turning them into your favorite emojis.


11. DIY Erasers



Even erasers can be exciting and cute with a little creativity. I think the taco and strawberry are the clear winners here.


12. DIY Confetti Pencils



Use paint and a circle pattern to create colorful pencils that will look so adorable in your hand.


13. Palm Leaf Pencil Pouch



If you’re looking for something a little more mature, go for this DIY palm leaf pencil pouch. It’s perfect for holding all of your little supplies.


14. Heart Paper Clips



Even doing something as simple as making paper clips look like hearts can make your school stuff more enjoyable.


15. DIY Pencil Box



This printable tutorial couldn’t make things easier, and this giant pencil shaped pencil box is beyond cute.


16. DIY Pom Pom Trim Notebooks



Make any notebook look more fun by adding a colorful pom-pom trim.


17. DIY Storage Pots



You can use these small “pots” to hold tiny supplies, like paperclips. They’re so sweet that you’ll want to keep them on display.


18. DIY Roll-Up Organizer



This chic roll-up organizer is ideal for holding pens, pencils, rulers, markers, and anything along those lines. Plus, it will look great in your bag!


19. DIY French Fry Pen Holder



This little French fry style pencil holder will make you hungry every time you look at it – but it’s worth it.


Which one of these DIY school supplies are you going to make for yourself? Tell me in the comments!

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