9 TV Plot Lines That Should Have Never Happened

I love watching TV shows, but I will be the first to admit that some plot lines can get a little over-the-top. I mean, they are made to make us entertained, right? And sometimes, people are entertained by vapid stories. Yes, I admit that I love the romance and ~drama,~ but that doesn’t mean I need love triangles in every scene and fake deaths all over the place. Just because there is a group of teens or young adults on a show does not mean that they need to have sex with every single person at one point during the series. It just enforces the idea that men and women can’t just be friends! Ugh. Whatever. Moving on.

There are certain TV plot lines that I tend to block out of my head. I guess I just have a very specific way that I want things to happen, and if TV writers don’t make that happen, I just ignore it. Yes, I understand that they probably have a reason for these plot changes, but can’t the just respect what the fans want?! I might be picky here, but it seems that a ton of people, mainly Twitter users, agree with me when it comes to bad TV plot lines. I came across this Twitter thread with a ton of HORRIBLE TV plot lines and I agree with just about all of them. See if you agree with these TV plot lines that should have NEVER happened.

What is your least favorite TV plot? Tell us in the comments!

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