8 Signs You Shouldn’t Give Your Recent Ex A Second Chance

If your last relationship ended fairly recently, within the last few months, chances are good that you’re reading this feeling miserable. I’m sorry! Breakups suck, and moving on from someone you dated and seriously cared about, maybe even loved, is incredibly difficult. It can take a long time to be able to move past this person – which is exactly why, at this very moment, you might be considering getting back together with your ex. You miss them all the time, you feel lost, and you can only see your relationship through rose-colored glasses. Maybe you’ve already talked about this with your ex, and you guys are considering trying again. Maybe you’re thinking about reaching out to give them a second chance. Whatever the case, let me give you one piece of advice: think really, really hard before getting back together. 

You and this person broke up for a reason, you’ve been apart for a reason – things were not working anymore. Now, of course there is a chance that things could work again, and maybe you both just needed a break to grow and feel more comfortable in your relationship. But there is also a chance that you’re both feeling vulnerable and lonely, and going back to each other feels safe and comforting. It’s easy to get back together with an ex because you don’t have to go through all of the painful annoyances of dating someone new. When you’re feeling down, it becomes too simple to forget the bad stuff and to give each other another chance, even if that’s undeserved.

There are some warning signs that you shouldn’t get back together, and you need to know what they are. If you choose to ignore them and move forward, you will more than likely end up breaking up again, and having to go through the whole horrible process again. You don’t want to do that. Here are a few signs you shouldn’t give your ex a second chance:

Are you thinking of getting back together with an ex? Do you disagree with any of the signs here? Let me know in the comments.

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