17 Tumblr Memes You Need To Send Your BFF Right Now

Friends are awesome. Best friends are REALLY awesome. I, myself, have a few best friends. This isn’t my way of bragging, it’s my way of saying that you can have a unique friendship with multiple people and stiff refer to them as your best friend. I have my high school best friend, college best friend, my internet best friend…. there are so many and I love them all! The one thing every friend has in common is the fact that you can share relatable memes with them at almost any time of day and they will laugh. The best memes, in my opinion, are Tumblr memes, since they are really effing weird but somehow make total sense to your and your BFF. That’s true friendship.

I’m sure you’ve sent your fair share of memes over the years, but there are always more to send. I found some of the best BFF memes that will make you want to call/text/tag your BFF, or scream into the void about how much you love them. Or even just show up at their house unannounced. We all do it!  Friends are always there for you. If they’re not, then they really shouldn’t be your friend. But, if you think of someone when you see these memes, chances are good they are your true BFF.

1. This is REALLY you and your bff, looking fire:



2. And this is really you on Facetime, talking about very important things like Riverdale:



3. When your BFF mentions the party that “didn’t happen”:



4. Also, this:



5. When you leave your BFF’s house in the morning carrying all of the things you’ve left there over the past year:



6. I don’t condone cheating…but this is true friendship:



7. When you KNOW there is drama:



8. And you support your BFF unconditionally!!!



9. And you send each other memes, obvs:



10. They won’t ever judge you for your feelings:



11. And you can both do some stupid stuff sometimes:



12. But you support each other!! Not matter what:



13. And you can bond over one little thing:



14. Pure :,)



15. They just ~get you~



16. And will always support you! And your silly jokes!



17. And your weird ideas:


Which BFF meme is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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