11 Back To School Supplies You’ll Love If You’re Super Disorganized

I’m admittedly disorganized and I have been for my entire life. School was particularly taxing on the organization front. While my classmates always seemed to have their you know what together, I felt pretty frazzled in comparison. I would dig through my purse for a pencil right before a test, or forget to pack the book I needed to bring for an in-class discussion. And my locker? Oh, my locker was a total hellhole. But having great school supplies that I actually cared about and wanted to use probably would have helped me out. Like, a lot.

Sure, great school supplies alone can’t cure your disorganization. There are some skills you need to learn along the way to get yourself together; don’t forget to ask for help! But from one chronically disorganized person to another, having organizational tools that you’re going to be happy to use every day will make your quest for a more organized school year so much easier. Check out these 11 back to school supplies for disorganized students. You’ll be glad you did.

1. A Planner You Actually Want To Use

bando agenda youre killing it planner


Planners are hard to keep up with when you’re super disorganized, even if you have the best of intentions. But it helps when you have a planner that you actually want to use, especially if it’s aesthetically pleasing. Bando has a ton of great planners that are super colorful and full of great little encouraging messages throughout the pages. Trust, this is a planner you’ll actually want to use.

Buy a classic Bando planner for $20, a medium planner for $28, or a large planner for $32.


2. Stickers And Other Goodies For Your Planner

bando agenda starter pack rose gold

When organizing can become a little project, you can feel more encouraged to actually do it. Bando also sells some cute stickers and pens to pair with your planner to help you mark whatever you need. But, of course, you can cop stickers at an everyday office supply store and get the job done that way too.

Buy it at Bando for $22.


3. A Backpack With Good Compartments

Herschel Supply Co Settlement Mid-Volume Backpack

You might want to rock a cute tote bag, but trust me, a backpack with some handy compartments are a disorganized girl’s BFF. Tote bags turn into a horrible pit of stray papers and buried pencils. With a backpack like this Herschel one, you’ll have a small compartment for small items you want quick access to like pens and highlighters. The larger compartment has a padded section for you to store your laptop or tablet, so you won’t have to worry about any delicate items getting damaged. Plus, it’s roomy AF and as cute as trendy backpacks like Fjalraven’s are (I love mine, don’t get me wrong), they get dirty really easily and don’t give your fragile items much protection. Go with something classic and sturdy that’ll serve you well all year.

Buy it at Urban Outfitters for $60.



4. Multicolor Pen

bic multi color pen

I love organizing different notes in different colored ink, but keeping track of a ton of different pretty gel pens? Ha! Ha ha ha. Not going to happen. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be well served with one pen that offers a few different colors for you to work with instead of trying to track down six different ones. You’ll love looking at your notes.

Buy it on Amazon for $5.58.


5. Dry Erase Calendar

Ubrands Dry Erase Calendar Tile Unframed

Hang this up on your bedroom wall or wherever else you normally do homework. It’s so easy to get dates and assignments mixed up, even if you write them in your planner. Having a calendar like this adds another level of protection so you won’t totally forget about the due date of that English paper.

Buy it at Target for $9.99.


6. A Pencil Pouch You Actually Care About

bando i dont work here pencil pouch

You might have an easier time keeping up with your pens, pencils, highlighters, sticky tabs, and other essentials if you actually keep them in a pouch that you care about instead of some dull pencil pouch from an office supply store. When you have a pencil pouch you’ll actually want to keep track of, you’ll keep better track of your supplies too!

Buy it Bando for $14.


7. An Emergency Pack Of Pencils

bic mechanical pencil 24 pack

If you’re losing pens and pencils left and right, you need an emergency reserve. You can cop this 24 pack of pencils (YES, 24) for less than $5. Do yourself a favor and buy ’em, you know you’ll need ’em at some point.

Buy it at Amazon for $4.49.


8. Locker Shelf

locker shelf

Listen, your locker is probably going to be a mess within a couple of months. You might as well make sure it looks like a mess that actually has some attempt at organization. You can do that with this locker shelf: It’ll help divide one layer of crap from another. Hey, every little bit helps.

Buy it at Amazon for $12.21.


9. Big File Folder

Esselte Oxford Poly 8-Pocket Folder

This can be really helpful for those of you who always lose track of papers in different binders and notebooks. Keep all those spare papers in one place, one pocket for a different class. You’ll breathe easier, I promise.

Buy it at Amazon for $6.50.


10. Gridded Notebook

moleskine grid square notebook

Everyone is different, but some find it easier to gather their thoughts on gridded paper instead of traditional lined paper. If you’re one of those people or just want to give it a shot, cop a Moleskine. It’s a nice notebook that you’ll actually want to use, and could actually keep your notes organized for once in your life.

Buy it at Barnes and Noble for $14.95.


11. Locker Dry Erase Board

locker dry erase board

You know that messy locker of yours? Well, it might look chaotic, but that doesn’t mean it’s a lost cause. Plop this magnetic locker-sized dry erase board up there and use it to mark down important dates, books you need for certain classes, that formula you need to memorize for calculus, etc.

Buy it at Target for $4.99.




What school supplies are your absolute lifesavers? Tell us in the comments!

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