7 Awkward Things That Will Happen During Your First Week Of College

The first week of college is filled with some major adjustments. You’re coming to terms with the fact that your parents aren’t there to do random things like get more toothpaste and change broken lights. Plus, you have to deal with living with a group of your other nervous-but-excited peers who are trying to figure out the whole dang thing, just like you.

With the coordinating of bathroom routines and remembering cafeteria times also comes some awkward moments. Because what would life be without awkward moments, especially during the confusing times? While you might want to cringe at some, know that someday they will make for great stories about your college experienceCheck out the awkward things that happen during your first week of college.

Meeting One Random Person From High School

You know how you were hoping that college was going to be a fresh start? Well, there is bound to be at least one person who will show up from your past. And normally it's some random that you will not care to see, but they will want to see you. And awkward conversations will ensue. A word of warning: You will probably keep seeing them at the worst times.

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Getting Locked Out Of Your Dorm

You are a college student, but even you will not be able to outsmart those doors. How were you supposed to know that they lock automatically behind you? And maybe you thought having a hanger in your door would keep it propped open, but it didn't work. And just when you figure out your dorm room door, you will realize that the outside one locks and you need a card to get in. Doh.

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Calling Someone The Wrong Name. Multiple Times.

You might pride yourself on being pretty good with names, but with so many new faces, it can be easy to get messed up. And what's worse, the person usually doesn't want to tell you that their name isn't Cate/Josh/Bebe. So, you keep calling them that for the entire week until some other random person tells you of your mistake. Whoops.

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Walking Into Class Late

I know you're going to make sure that you're going to be extra early, but there will be an occasion when time is not on your side. Maybe you took a wrong turn or maybe that intense kid on your floor started blabbering to you in the stairwell. Whatever the reason, you're going to have to deal with walking into a lecture that has started and 200 pairs of eyes staring at you.

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Convincing Someone That They Don't Actually Know You

Remember how random people used to say you had a familiar face? Well, there is going to be someone who is convinced that your face is so familiar that they know you. And it's going to take a lot of questions and persistent no's on your part to convince them otherwise. You can blame the fact that you really do have a familiar face, you're Insta-famous, or everyone is hoping to see a familiar face so they have someone to latch onto.

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Realizing That The Walls Definitely Aren't Soundproof

Ummm...yeah. Don't blame me, blame the architects who designed dorms and never thought to soundproof all of the rooms. And of course you have to discover this with the worst sounds. Hello, dorm sex or someone eating the wrong thing in the caf. Sorry if that's TMI, but I want you to be prepared.

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Seeing Someone Completely Naked In The Bathroom

Hello. Get ready for some surprise nudity. And I'm not talking about streaking. You might think a shower is free when it's really not. Or you might be lucky enough to have someone on your floor who is a little too comfortable with their body, and they have no problem sharing it with the world. It's better than some random seeing you butt naked, right?

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What weird things have happened to you during your first week of school? Let us know in the comments!

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