7 Of The Worst Sex Lessons That Movies And TV Shows Teach You

When someone suggests that you shouldn’t take real life advice from television or movies, it’s easy to scoff, insulted by the very idea that you’d be gullible enough to do something like that. But let’s be real: The media has a massive influence on how we perceive the world around us, and to deny that is ridiculous. If a commercial for a Bratz doll could convince you to beg your parents to buy you a Bratz doll as a kid, it has the power to convince you of plenty of other things too. Sometimes, this can be a good thing! For example, a teen drama with a gay character can help normalize perceptions and attitudes toward homosexuality. But often times, we learn plenty of crappy lessons from movies and TV shows, usually without even realizing it. This is super evident when it comes to sex.

Yo…TV and movies dish out some of the most awful sex lessons ever. Sometimes it’s played off for drama or humor, but not always! It takes a while to tell the difference between sex lessons worth taking heed to, and ones that belong in the trash, but you’re in luck because we have a cheat sheet right here. Check out these seven awful sex lessons from movies and TV shows and make sure you unlearn them ASAP.

Your Popularity, The Way You Dress, Etc, Help Determine Whether You're Slutty Or A Total Virgin

Isn't it wild how the way you dress or your social status at school leads to people assuming what your sexual prowess is? Popular girls, apparently, have a lot of sex, often. Nerds are sexually inept losers. Meanwhile, here in reality, whether or not you bump uglies with someone or how often you do it isn't at all determined by what high school clique you're in or if you wear a thong or not. Plenty of nerds are having a lot of casual sex while the gorgeous cheerleader has no luck on the dude front; it happens.


Condoms Don't Exist

Can you remember the last time you watched a sex scene in a TV show or movie in which the characters used a condom? Because I sure can't. It's practically as non-existent as visual condom use in porn, and it's arguably a little irresponsible. It makes it seem as if condoms are something that paranoid squares use, when in reality everyone should be using them when they have sex; yes, even self-declared "Pull Out Kings" need to wrap it up. It really shouldn't be the end of the world--or kill the romance of a scene--to show someone taking two seconds to unwrap a condom.

The To-Do List

Sex Should Be Special

Sure, plenty of characters in movies and TV shows have emotionless sex with someone they don't actually love, and they're almost always "punished" for it in some kind of way. Either that, or they're looked down upon as sleazy, irresponsible, and way too horny. Listen, go have sex with people you have deep feelings for...but it's also okay not to. You're not a bad person for having a no-strings-attached hookup, and it's really not the end of the world if the first person you have sex with isn't some super special person in your life. You'll have plenty of opportunities for that.

But I'm A Cheerleader

Hiding Your Virginity Status Makes Sense

I mean, you do you, but as someone who actually was a virgin beyond my high school years, I found it a lot less stressful to disclose my v-card status with potential sex partners down the line. Hiding the fact that you've never had sex before with a partner--especially a partner who assumes you're experienced--makes for great fodder in a movie or TV show. But in real life? It's asking for a potential headache.


The Clitoris Doesn't Exist

Listen, hetero sex scenes in movies and TV shows are literally just a whole lot of in and out pumping and grinding with nary a hint of clitoral stimulation involved. Like, none. This cons people into believing that it's super easy for someone with a vagina to have an orgasm from the ol' in out alone...and that's not true, at all. Most people with vaginas need clitoral stimulation to achieve an orgasm! But you'd never know that if you relied on entertainment as sex ed.

People Actually Care If You Leave High School Without Ever Having Sex

From The Inbetweeners to American Pie, there's a long tradition of TV and film narratives about teens--especially boys--freaking the eff out about being virgins. Sure, this happens IRL, but these shows and movies make it seem as if...people actually give a damn. Newsflash: Most people don't judge people for not having sex in high school. In fact, most high schoolers graduate without having sex.

The Inbetweeners

Foreplay Isn't A Big Deal

Foreplay might as well not even exist as a concept in the TV/movie universe. You'd think that you can have an A+ sex session without getting a little steamy before intercourse...which is true but, er, sex with foreplay as an appetizer is usually better. Let's have a moment of silence for all of the fictional characters who are deprived of the glories of foreplay.

American Pie

What other bad sex lessons are rampant in movies and on TV shows? Tell us in the comments!

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  • ReelTom

    Wow. This was dead on. Another bad lesson I learned is that sex is always great the first time you’re with a new partner. Also, it is supposed to last for hours.