Where You Should Have Sex Next, Based On Your Sign

Your sex life is a lot more predictable than you might think. I know you might picture yourself as someone who likes to have sex in a bed like how they do it in the movies and all that, but have you ever thought about doing it somewhere else? Probably. But how do you decide where to do it? It can be a lot harder than you think. Luckily, your sign is here to help you out.  Looking at your sign’s characteristics is pretty easy and can tell you a lot about yourself, specifically your sex life. A Taurus, for one, would NEVER have sex outside. Pisces girls aren’t huge fans of sex toys. You NEED to look a Gemini in the eyes if you’re going to have sex with them. See? All of these characteristics make sense to each sign, because of their personality traits.

If you are looking to switch up your sex life a little bit, you should take a look at your sign. It really says a lot about your personality, even things you might not even realize! Your sign will be able to tell you not only what your sex style is, but where you should be doing it when you and your partner get it on. If you have been meaning to have a more “active” sex life that involves sex in other places besides a bed, check out where you should have sex next, based on your sign.

What is your sign? Tell us in the comments!

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