20 Gorgeous Fishtail Braid Hair Tutorials For Your Best Look Ever

Of all different kinds of braids out there, I think the fishtail braid might be my favorite. It’s soft, romantic, and looks just as great with jeans and a t-shirt as it does with a fancy dress and heels. I love how they can look more no-nonsense when you leave them tight, and super boho when you pull on them. The other thing I like about fishtail braids is that they look super complicated and intimidating, but they’re actually incredibly easy to create – meaning everyone will think you’re a hair genius, when really, you’re just doing something simple.

Before you get into fishtail updos, like buns, ponytails, and half-up styles, you should probably know how to do a basic fishtail. These are pretty easy to follow instructions:


Once you’ve got the basics down, you’ll realize just how much you can do with a fishtail braid. It looks awesome no matter what – and yes, you can even do it with shorter hair. Check out the below fishtail braid tutorials for updos that are so gorgeous, you’ll fall in love immediately. Who could blame you?!

1. Loose Fishtail Low Bun



Create a loose fishtail braid, all the down to the ends of your hair. Once down, secure with a hair tie, then loop the braid into a low bun and secure with some hidden bobby pins. It’s super easy and looks amazing.


2. Side Fishtail Braid Low Bun



Another way to accomplish the fishtail into a low bun is with a chic side braid. This style is a little more on the dressed up side than the one above.


3. Fishtail Top Knot



Want to keep your hair away from your neck and face? Start with a high ponytail, braid it into a fishtail, and then wrap that braid around the base to create a top knot that’s secure and looks way cooler than your average bun.


4. Dutch Fishtail Mohawk



Make any ponytail or bun look instantly cooler with a Dutch fishtail mohawk style braid. It’s unique and has a little bit of an edge it.


5. French Fishtail Braided Bun



Merge two beautiful braids into one: the French braid and the fishtail braid. Done down the sides of your head, they come down perfectly in loose low bun for a romantic updo.


6. Fishtail Half Bun



This fishtail half bun is almost like the mohawk fishtail, but the trendy half style keeps it looking fresh and new.


7. Fishtail Wrapped Bun



Add a little something extra to a top knot by wrapping a thin fishtail braid around the base.


8. Back Fishtail Braided Top Knot



Another way to upgrade a boring bun? Add a French braid style fishtail up the back of your head.


9. Topsy Fishtail Braid



A topsy tail ponytail is basically twisting it hair, then looping it through a hole. You can do that all the way down your hair to create this look.


10. Bohemian Side Braid



Sometimes, a fishtail looks best when worn with another braid – like in the case of this gorgeous side pony. Start with a French braid to your neck, then end with a loose fishtail.


11. Half Up Fishtail Braid



This gorgeous half up fishtail braid crown is so pretty to look at and super versatile.


12. Fishtail Ponytail



Instead of making your whole ponytail a braid, create one medium size fishtail braid down the middle of your hair, then pull it all back.


13. Fishtail Updo



This updo looks super complicated, but it’s really just as few different kinds of braids jumbled together to create a truly beautiful messy style.


14. Messy Half Fishtail



A loose side braid into a small fishtail is a perfect messy but chic look.


15. Double Fishtail Braids



Instead of the standard double Dutch braids, do double fishtail braids. They’re much more fun!


16. Messy Ponytail Braid



With lots of volume and messy braids, this has to be the most gorgeous ponytail in the world.


17. Fishtail Crown Braid



Use a few different braid styles to create a really cool braid crown.


18. Fishtail for Short Hair



Can’t pull all of your hair into a braid? Just do this side version, made for shorter hair.


19. Messy Fishtail Side Bun



The trick to making this look so gorgeous? Pull on the braid so it’s super messy and big.


20. Fishtail Crown Braid



If you prefer a slightly more sleek look, this fishtail crown is for you.


Which one of these fishtail hairstyles is your favorite? What kind of hairstyle tutorials do you want to see? Share in the comments!

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