18 Fall 2017 Fashion Trends That Will Make You Excited For Summer To End

At this point in August, summer fashion is starting to get a little bit old. Most of us have run out of our stock of new bikinis, shorts, and sandals, and things are starting to feel boring – plus, all of the stores are now selling fall items, which is just making everyone excited for sweater weather. With fall comes the possibility for so many cute outfits. Not only do you get to start layering and feeling cozy, but you also get to try out so many new trends that feel fresh and exciting. It’s quite possibly the most chic time of year, and definitely something everyone should be taking advantage of.

Now all you need to do is figure out which trends are going to take off, and which are going to get lost in the shuffle. Based on Fashion Week, social media, and a general *feeling,* I can tell you that I’m pretty positive the below fashion trends are going to be huge this upcoming fall and winter. Of course, you don’t have to partake in all of them, but…. you’ll probably want to. Some are not very surprising, while others are new and different and fun. Ready to get into cold weather clothes? You will be after checking out these fall fashion trends. So long, summer!

1. All Red Everything


Looking for your new statement for fall? Instead of going with something more traditional and muted, like dark orange or brown, opt for red. The bright shade was everywhere on the runways, and is going to dominate all clothing items. Start with something like this red blouse, which can be dressed down with jeans and dressed up with heels.

Willow and Page Extreme Wrap Blouse with Layered Sleeves, $48, ASOS


2. Gold 


Another shade that took over was gold. Skip the mustard yellow sweater, and choose something shimmery and gold, like a sexy metallic top or a fancy dress.

Hustle Gold Off The Shoulder Top, $34, Lulu’s


3. Furs


Basic furs were huge on the runways, mainly in the form of cozy jackets. If you refuse to wear real fur, no worries – there are tons of faux options out there. If you can’t get into the full-on glamour of a fur coat, go for something more subtle, like a faux fur hooded leather jacket.

Andrew Marc Beverly Faux Leather Jacket, $150, Nordstrom

4. High Collars


Get ready for chillier weather with high, Victorian style collars. They look really cute when on a blouse, especially with lace accents like the one above.

Blouse with Lace Collar, $29.99, H&M


5. Midi Skirt


Speaking of covering up, skip the mini skirt and wear a midi skirt instead. This style is great for transitional weather, and looks just as good with sweaters as it does with tank tops.

Ecote Kara Button-Front Midi Skirt, $59, Urban Outfitters


6. Trench Coats


The classic trench coat was all over the runways and is the ideal fall jacket. It keeps you warm without being suffocating and even works well in the rain. Go for something longer for more drama, but this shorter length is super versatile.

Classic Trench Coat, $29.99, Forever 21

7. Silver


Gold isn’t the only metallic that’s going to be around in a big way this fall – silver was everywhere from clothing to shoes to accessories. A shimmery silver top like this one is great for going out with your friends.

Contemporary Metallic Top, $12.90, Forever 21


8. Fringe


Embellishments were all over the runways too, especially fringe. Fringe is fun and has a little bit of a retro feel, and when on items like sweaters, looks super cozy. This fringe sweater is perfect for any situation.

Kimchi Blue Fringe Pullover Sweater, $69, Urban Outfitters


9. Pantsuits


The female empowerment movement has made it’s way to fashion – power suits are very in for fall. If you work, you can wear a matching blazer and pants whenever you want. If you’re still in school and want to be less casual, just pair a blazer with jeans for the next best thing.

Seasonless One Button Perfect Blazer, $169, Ann Taylor

10. Shearling


When it came to jackets, shearling was especially popular for designers – and it’s not hard to see why. The super soft and cozy fabric is ideal for cold, wintery days. A shearling bomber like this one is a little more modern looking.

Levi’s Faux Shearling Bomber Jacket, $150, Nordstrom


11. Plaids


Surprise, surprise: plaids are in for fall. Go for any color and size you want, just make sure it’s warm and versatile. This loose plaid shirt looks great with jeans or tucked into skirts.

Highroad Popover Shirt in Brentford Plaid, $88, Madewell


12. Puffer Jackets


Shearling may have dominated the outerwear trends, but puffer jackets were a close second. These are way more casual and sporty, and they’re also warm while managing to feel light.

Active Puffer Jacket, $29.90, Forever 21


13. Sheath Dress


Looking for something more dressed up? You can’t go wrong with a tight, mid-length sheath dress. They’ve been all over fashion bloggers on Instagram, and they aren’t going anywhere!

Mossimo Tie Dye Dress, $24.99, Target


14. Oversized Sweaters


It IS sweater weather, so you shouldn’t be shocked that oversized knits are back on trend. This off-the-shoulder option from Urban Outfitters is so cute and cozy.

Ecote Colby Oversized Off-The-Shoulder Ribbed Sweater, $59, Urban Outfitters


15. Feathers


Aside from fringe, feathers were another popular embellishment. Seen on clothing and accessories, they give a cool bohemian feel to your outfit.

Turquoise Stone Feather Dusters, $75, Free People


16. Americana Style


From artisan-looking prints to tons of denim to political tees, designers used classic Americana fashion as major inspiration. Pick a boho dress like this one, or go for all denim everything.

Chelsea28 Open Back Ruffle Dress, $89, Nordstrom


17. Velvet


Velvet is the warmest cold weather fabric, and it’s continuing to make a comeback this fall. Go for something unique, like this zip-up.

Velvet Zip Through Sweatshirt, $55, Topshop


18. Winter Florals


Are florals ever NOT in season? This fall, opt for couch florals (huge flowers in a repeating pattern) or winter florals (darker shades). This pullover from Free People is SO cute, I just ordered one for myself.

Go On Get Floral Pullover, $98, Free People


Which one of these trends are you going to try? What did we forget to add? Share in the comments.

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