17 Studyblr Posts That Will Inspire You To Get All A’s This Year

If you are supposed to be going back to school in the fall–which, slowly but surely, whether you like it or not, is closing in on all of us–you may be having some trouble mustering up the sufficient courage to do so. School is pretty hard, after all. Even if you usually like it, there’s no denying that it requires a certain amount of energy and brainpower you probably haven’t been exerting this summer. In need of a way to boost this energy? Start looking at some studyblrs. 

Studyblr, if you aren’t familiar, is a phenomenon found mainly on Tumblr (hence the portmanteau framing of “study” and “Tumblr,” but you could probably put that together for yourself) that involves taking photos  of very, very, almost impossibly neat class notes and posting them on the internet as a sort of motivation, both for themselves and other people. No one can know for sure what kind of grades these studyblr mavens actually get (some post pictures of their report cards, but most do not) but it is heavily implied that they receive stellar marks on almost all of their assignments. One might be inclined to argue with the evidence-less claims of a stranger on the internet, of course, but when you see photos of their notes, it’s hard to argue with.

The point here is that, while these faceless strangers on the internet may or may not be getting the grades you desire, the photos of their notes will surely inspire you to work a little harder. And, obviously, getting good grades will require more than some random aesthetic inspiration. But, at the same time, it certainly can’t hurt, right? So, check out these studyblr posts that should inspire you to go back to school and get all A’s this year:

1. Are these millennial pink notes everything? I’m glad you asked. They are. (Everything, that is):



2. As are these:



3. And these!!!



4. On a more accessible note, here are some nice lavender highlights:



5. A good studyblr practically requires an impeccable bullet journal, of course:



6. I mean:



7. I MEAN:



8. There’s no shame in using a pre-made planner, of course:



9. Anyway. Back to notes!



10. Iconic. Truly:



11. Who knew math could be so beautiful?



12. And biology! Incredible! Wig!



13. I’m not sure what this Russian person is doing, but it looks great!



14. Don’t you feel, like, inspired?


15. So…soothing:



16. The point is, studying can be fun:



17. Take advantage of that!


What do you think of these notes? Do you think they’re inspiring? Let us know in the comments!

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